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Wednesday, July 17. 2024

Pierogi Report

A new restaurant, East Coast Eats, or in my opinion more like a fast food sit down place opened up in Warrenton. In case you do not know Warrenton is the town next to Astoria and you have to drive across a bridge to get to Warrenton from Astoria. Either the New Youngs Bay Bridge or the Old Youngs Bay Bridge. 
Pierogies on the menu? Ok, Tati needs to try the pierogies and write a pierogi report. 
My opinion, the pierogies were ok. A bit slimy on the surface and I prefer red onion over white or yellow. The onion should had been cooked longer and there was a bit too much melted butter on the plate. I think that I will stick with the Jaju pierogies that I get from either New Seasons or the Astoria Co-op. I can fry them to the exact level I want and chop up a large organic (very important) red onion and fry it the way I want it too. I will know that the sour cream is organic for sure. This place just did not feel like organic products is a priority BUT I could be wrong on that. Would I have the pierogies here again? Possibly, if I do not feel like preparing any at home and have "I am craving pierogies now" moment.
I also tried some fries, they were drenched in too much of some sort of seasoning. I will stick to ordering the pierogies only here if I go back for more.


Tuesday, July 16. 2024

Stripper Slippers

Check out my new stripper slippers - perfect! Barbie. Pink. Soft. Comfortable. Cheap too (got them at Ross). I schlep around in these at the club when there is nothing going on and sometimes even when there is something going on. One can only wear 8 inch heels for so long. And speaking of heels, I really need to order another pair but I am procrastinating as usual.
(I order my heels from pleasershoes).

Taking a break. The dressing room is divided up into two sections and there are no chairs. If you want to sit down you basically sit down on the floor. I have a cushion that I sit on for some comfort. Very basic. Again......I miss Riverside Corral, super comfortable dressing room. Plus I miss Riverside Corral in general.

And one of the new outfits that I promised a picture of. I finally got the one with rhinestones sent to me. (Ordered from lavahintimates in case you want one).
From the side.

And the front.

Been doing some ruminating on my dancer days (really nights should we be detail oriented here) that I think are coming to an end within a rather not too far off future. But more on that another time.

Thursday, July 11. 2024

Another Week Gone By

Another week gone by.....in the blink of an eye. I know that I say that a lot, that time goes by so fast - because it DOES!
Let's see......Thursday last week it was the 4th of July (a big day here in the US in case you do not know). I started my day with a walk on a trail I recently discovered.

Later I went to Pier 39, a place here in Astoria (Oregon) popular with both locals and tourist. The weather has been spectacular. I sat down and just relaxed. It did not last for too long because some troglodyte decided to start fishing right mext to me. ??? With his kid in tow, the kid was not interested at all in his Dad's fishing skills (smart kid) and I was really hoping that the fish would stay away. The dude loudly announced that he had already caught two large sturgeons in that same location that same week but I guess that was not enough, he needed more. Unfortunately a poor fish got hooked and that meant that it was time for me to leave, no way that I am going to sit around and watch that.
So I drove back into town and got an ice cream and Frite & Scoop. I really wanted the licorice ice cream but they had discontinued it so I got the London fog instead. It was ok. I will give the place one more try.
Later in the evening the fireworks went OFF in Astoria. I don't think I have heard so many fireworks coming from EVERYWHERE. It was kind of crazy. I decided to drive off to a more quiet area so the dogs could get a break. Fireworks and animals is not always a good match. I feel bad for them. I am not a fan of fireworks around animals. I see all the fireworks I need at Burning Man. I saw that some locations in other places put on drone shows, I think I like that better.
Yeah another week went by......what else did I do?
I went back to Pier 39 to try a food place that recently opened - Athenas. I had the hummus plate with falafel. It was good.
I will have it again, next time I am bringing a book so I can really enjoy my time out there. It is so relaxing and so nice.
I mean.....look at this place.

There is a market here in Astoria every Sunday (Astoria Sunday Market from Mother's Day in May until mid October).
People are selling things like art and food. It is a poplular thing to do here on Sundays. I like the fresh local fruits and vegetables.

Since the days have been sunny and warm the evenings are amazing as well. I love walking by the water in the evening, it is so nice outside right now. I am trying to take it in as much as possible, in between being locked up in a dark club and also feeling kind of dejected in some ways.

Sunday, June 30. 2024

Water In Cans

Today's trip to the grocery store resulted in.....water in cans and a red onion to be used with pierogies. No water in plastic bottles. I really need to install a water filter under the sink though. Of course I bring my own bag. And here in the US they always ask if you want a bag (to purchase) even if you only buy one or two items. Like people can't carry out a couple of items. NO you do NOT NEED a plastic or paper bag provided by the store for a fee to carry a couple of items! I don't care if I get ten or more items and would forget my own reusable bag, I still won't get a plastic or paper bag from the store. Because it is wasteful. And plastic bags that end up in landfills and oceans are harmful for animals.

I tried banana water for the first time the other day. Very yummy.

And I finally found some good milk tea. I was drinking milk tea almost daily in Japan. Now I can drink it here. Got these at Zupans in Portland, very yummy. Product of Japan of course. The land of yumminess.

Fort George makes the best pizza in Astoria in my opinion. 

My outfit arrived, with rhinestones this time.

My manager knitted a butt pad for me. I ALWAYS put something (usually a towel) between my bare butt cheecks and the chairs at work. No way that I am going to put my clean undercarriage down on some sticky yucky chair without a barrier in between.

And since I am also a world renowned photographer, same category like the ones that work for National Geographic.....I am presenting to you this pretty berry. Yes Hello National Geographic in case you wonder......I am available for assignments. šŸ˜‰

Tonight's walk was peaceful and the air is warm.

And with that it is a Good Night from me. Tomorrow is July 1. June is already over, so soon. Too soon.

Tuesday, June 25. 2024

New Stuff

I ordered some new outfits a while back - check out this new stuff.
These two from Frederick's. A black longsleeved with rhinestones and a pink longsleeved with rhinestones.

Then this colorful little thing from Lavah. It was supposed to be covered in rhinestones but arrived without a single rhinestone. Supposedly they are sending a replacement......I am still waiting. And yea most likely I will throw in some pics here with me squeezed into these outfits, one at a time of course.
I need new heels too. I think another pair of 8 inch.

Monday, June 24. 2024

More Festival

Yesterday I went back for some more of the festival (the yearly Scandinavian festival in Astoria Oregon). It was the last day of three. The first day I went I saw an art piece that I really liked, a mermaid inside an old wooden window. So nice. I told the artist that I would be back and if she (the mermaid) was there still I would get her. But no, she was gone. The artist told me that she is working on another mermaid, a purple one (I love purple) so I might be able to get that one. I love and collect mermaids and faeries.
In case you did not know, I am a mermaid and a faerie. Like a mix of both.

The Maypole was up.

I brought my eight inch heels and my blue & yellow string bikini to perfom at noon. I had the whole main stage to myself. šŸ˜‰
Everybody in the US knows about the Swedish Bikini Team and I am a member of course.

The Oregon Midsummer Festival is taking place in Portland net Friday and Saturday at Nordia House.
I love that place.