Burning Man 2020

Welcome to Chaos !!

Thursday, September 10. 2020

Burning Man Baker Beach

Because of the pandemic also known as COVID-19 or Corona as some call it, Burning Man at the Black Rock Desert in Nevada was cancelled this year. First cancellation since the event started being held there which was in 1990. Although Burning Man did not start there, the event was born in San Francisco at Baker Beach so I decided to go there this year and check it out.....
I just had a FEELING something would be happening there. I read and heard talks about Burning Man gatherings planned at Black Rock Desert anyways and I know that others decided to do something in the Alvord Desert in Oregon, which looks a lot like the location in Nevada and would be a good location for the event if for some reason there is a need to move somewhere else. I decided against going to Black Rock Desert, I wanted to go to San Francisco where it all began.
So last Saturday is when the Man would burn according to the original plan and about 8 PM I arrived at Baker Beach California. I knew that the event was held towards the north end at the beach the first four years, Burning Man started in 1986. And yes as I headed down the beach I could see people and lights and then I saw the Man! And the Golden Gate bridge illuminating the sky in the background.

It was fun, the spirit of Burning Man.....nothing like the real deal but STILL a great feeling to be there and take part in it. Had there been an option this year to go to Burning Man in Nevada at your own risk if there was no cancellation I would had went without hesitation.
I don't know how others are going about their lives but I work, go to the grocery store and do my everyday things that I have to do almost like normal, the only thing different is that I wear a mask when required and I am more diligent about washing my hands. That's about it. But more on that another time....maybe.
I know that San Francisco's mayor London Breed sent out this message last Sunday, "Last night, over 1,000 people crowded on Ocean Beach to celebrate Burning Man. This was absolutely reckless & selfish. You are not celebrating. You are putting people's lives at risk. You are putting our progress at risk. No one is immune from spreading the virus."
Yes I know....BUT I can say that I saw crowds (hundreds) of people sunbathing, playing and hanging out at a beach by Fisherman's Wharf both Sunday and Monday. No beach closure, no talk about being reckless and selfish. So I guess it all depends on where you gather and who gathers.
Yes, I drove to San Francisco from Portland and back to attend Burning Man at Baker Beach because I am selfish and reckless I guess. Some people go to Mecca, I go to Burning Man.