Riverside Corral

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Riverside Corral

A club I have been working at for some time now closed down the other day. Riverside Corral. We (the dancers) all knew that the club was approaching its end, it was going on 30 years (in October of this year) and the rumor was that the closing would happen sometime this summer because the lot the club sits on got sold. Well, it happened earlier. 
Mike, the owner sadly suddenly passed away. And that was it. We did not even get to have the planned goodbye party due to some unfortunate circumstances.
Some of us dancers gathered last night in Sellwood Park to talk and remember. I will miss this club, I made some great friends there and I had fun times and so many laughs. One of the better stages I have danced at with good lights. A very comfortable dressing room where I would just relax, read and write. Everything was just right.
It was a special place for many people, Riverside Corral will be missed by many. It is so strange that I won't be there tomorrow night. It is over. 
Thank You for all the memories and Thank You Mike for everything. I hope that you are together with Richard and Brian now. ❤️

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  1. Avery on :

    Hey I just saw this how sad. I worked there on off over 10 years this breaks my heart

  2. TATIANA on :

    Avery! HI! I hope you are well! I think about RC and all of us often. Did not know how good I had it there until it was gone.
    Many many hugs. Tati.

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