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Monday, October 20. 2014

Last Night

Last night was a difficult night, making money was like pulling teeth. It was like haggling for lap dances at a market full of stubborn donkeys aka men with very tight pockets.
Everybody wanted to negotiate. Negotiate what exactly? Some girls flat out refused to pay the house fee because they did not make enough. Which is understandable, since all of the girls there were from out of town and some came from very far away too and paid a lot of money to travel to South Dakota (like me). I talked a bit to a very pretty Russian girl from New York City, she told me that she works at Flashdancers (yeah, she was quite beautiful actually).
The house fee at Holiday House is rather steep, $135/night, plus then there is the daily room fee too $40 to stay in one of the trailers they provide for the dancers, so that adds up to $175. That means you have to make $175 before you make a profit for yourself, it can be stressful and annoying when you don't make money.
Me and Mandy with our ball whackers.

I forced Mandy to wear my favorite outfit.

Saturday, October 18. 2014

Here Again

I started out my trip to Winner South Dakota (yes I'm back here again) out of Kenai at 2 PM Thursday afternoon and I finally made it to Winner around 5 PM the following day (Friday). The first airplane takes about 20 minutes or so.....Kenai to Anchorage. Then I had a nice and relaxing (not) layover for five hours in Anchorage. After that I had a wonderful time from Anchorage to Minneapolis crammed in between two men, one of them on the larger side that spilled into my seat. The seats on Delta are definitely not made for people that carry a little bit of extra weight. I think I managed to sleep for one hour or so, the rest of the time I watched a movie (Maleficent) and tried to ignore the pretty much constant screaming from a hysterical child seated diagonally behind me. Lovely trip. I realized that yes, if somebody was to have Ebola and get on a full and muggy airplane......everybody would probably get infected. So please people, do not fly if you have Ebola! Or any other diseases similar to it. Thank you.
People were coughing and sneezing constantly, nobody seems to be aware of the "proper" way to handle such bodily functions. Then I had to wait in Minneapolis, that has the best airport ever BTW, for a couple of hours for my next flight to Omaha Nebraska. While waiting, one of my fellow passengers decided that Mecca was calling and started praying, interesting. We boarded the plane, then had to deboard due to something not functioning. Once we were on the next plane we took off and I got to Omaha safely. My first time in Nebraska! From there I drove 300 miles or so to Winner. Through gorgeous country I have to say. Golden cornfields, cows out in pastures and large trees showing off the most beautiful colors. This country really is amazing. I'm glad I have seen so much of it.
Once in Winner I located my trailer and met up with Mandy. Then it was time to shower, shave and slap on some eye shadow and lashes. Although I'd much rather sleep but I pulled myself together and went to work.
Same club as last year, Holiday House. The moment I stepped my foot in there I felt regret and wanted to go back home - immediately. I did not want to be here last year, I said I would never come back. But I did, because sometimes time just erases certain memories, softens our impressions. But yeah, this is not a place for me. So I am back to counting down the hours until I can go back home again. I was actually even thinking about just getting in my car and going back home last night but I didn't. I stuck it out until the end, which is 2 AM.
So I'm at McDonald's (free WiFi) with Mandy, catching up. At this point we are thinking about going someplace else to work, she is feeling the way I do. This place is just too much.
Burly and rude. Guys let out the most disgusting farts while they stand around sipping on their beers like it's the most normal thing to do. There is no difference for them where they are at, barn or strip club - it's all the same. Farts, belches, spilled beer and disgustingness in general. I'm just not cut out for that kind of behavior. They also think it's perfectly normal to reach out and grab you too and that is not OK with me. There is way to much contact going on for my liking. SIGH. Why did I come back? I don't know. This is all the stuff that was bothering me about Holiday House last year.......Well, at least I get to hang out with Mandy and I did see some beautiful scenery. So it's not all horrible.
Not much has changed in Winner. They did open up a coffee shop though, that is a major improvement I have to say. So I got my latte in Winner (finally) and a locally made blueberry muffin. Yeay!

Sunday, October 27. 2013

Last Night

I am writing this at Starbucks in Sioux Falls while sitting in a brown leather chair, full after having some hot chai, banana bread and oatmeal. Now I know that you can get oatmeal with fruit at both Starbucks and McDonald's, it's not bad and much better than a greasy hamburger, so listen to me and choose the oatmeal next time. I am tired and a little loopy because it's almost 7 AM and I left Winner about 3 PM, it took me 2 1/2 hours to get to Sioux Falls, I was listening to the radio and loudly singing along to songs the whole way. I thought about life and how fast time goes by and all the people that I know and have met and the people that I will never come across again and it made me sad and I cried a little. Tears about life, because life is great and beautiful but also sad and difficult. I can get emotional several times a day and then I am happy again.
So I am done in Winner. The last night got off to a slow start but then I had fun and time went by fast. The night was over before I knew it and I got on the road out of there.
The bouncer "Tiny" told me that it had been a pleasure working with me and that he thinks that I am very nice, classy and elegant. That is always nice to hear.
Here I am on the stage admiring myself.

Yes, I look tall (obviously since about every other person says something about that) but without those heels I'm 5'9" and I don't think that makes me a giant. So when some guy blurts out that I'm too tall for him I usually say that he can come and find me when he mans up and grows some balls. It's not my fault that you might be insecure and I am not going to take off my heels and walk around barefoot or in flip flops so some guys can feel more manly or something. I mean, most girls wear high heels in strip clubs and then you have the occasional dancer that schleps around in flip flops or slippers. That's not me though.
I got lots of marriage proposals in Winner. LOL. My standard answer is, fill out the ten page application and get in line. Steve from the other night came back, he asked if I'm up for adoption. Of course I am but I need to be treated like a very spoiled child and get everything I point my finger at. ;-)

So my two trailer mates got dropped off at the bus stop yesterday morning. I don't know what they did but they basically had to pack up and leave. So no work for them last night. There was more drama too. One of the girls that was involved in the fight Friday night supposedly went to the police, I am not sure what happened there but the rumor was that she said that there is nasty stuff that goes on in the club and we had some kind of inspectors in the club keeping an eye at the place last night.
I didn't get a warning or a talk about cleaning up my act from management because they didn't think I need to clean up anything. Yeah, I know.....I am one of those "no fun" dancers that won't let you get away with whatever you think you should but with me you pay for a quality.
So the Holiday House in Winner wasn't as good as I was hoping for. It had to do with the bird count, because the girls that had been there previous years said that they had never seen it this slow. And slow kind of equals lesser income, unless you get lucky but I don't count on lucky.....I want busy and consistent. The weekends were OK, I can't complain but the weekday earnings were far from good enough when you travel and have expenses related to the travel. What also put somewhat of a damper on this adventure was my trailer experience, those roommates were too much. Besides that, the club was OK, not a classy place by any means but I did do alright after all and I can see potential there when it's busy. But the owner should clean up amongst the dancers and get rid of the girls that do some of the trashy and nasty stuff. That is not good for business and it will scare away quality girls. The staff was nice and I met some cool girls.
I am getting really sleepy now. I wonder if I can sleep at Starbucks? :-D

Thursday, October 24. 2013


Here I am, having breakfast at McDonald's and taking advantage of the free (but spotty at best) Wi-Fi. Yes, I'd much rather be at McDonald's with my laptop than lay on a bed in a trailer staring at the roof and listening to one of my trailer mates arguing with her baby daddy on the phone and the other one making random loud noises and snorting sounds with her nose. Yes, even McDonald's seems like a peaceful place compared to THAT.

I have been using this self tanner a few times. It works pretty good and doesn't leave a strong after smell. I protect my hands with thin gloves so they don't get dark and blotchy.

Last night the owner of the club approached me and asked how much it would be for me to change my return ticket for Wednesday. He had asked the house mom to ask me to consider staying longer the other night. He offered to pay the change fee for my plane ticket and let me stay in the trailer for free. I guess a group of "rich" guys are coming in on Tuesday and he thinks I'm a good looking girl and wants to impress them (his words not mine). I thought about it for a second because the last three nights have been bad income wise and it would be good to try to make up for that but I have decided to stick with the original plan and go home when I'm supposed to. I miss Chhaya, I miss my clean home, bed and bathroom. And it doesn't matter if these guys are rich. That doesn't mean they will spend and money on ME, even if I am "a nice looking girl." I am "competing" with straight up cheap hookers here (not all of the girls do this but enough of them) I have figured this much out the last week. Some girls are complaining and upset about it and I've heard some prices from two different guys last night.....ready for this? $100 for a BJ and $125 - 150 for sex. In the club, where we do the lap dances. This makes me sad and I do not like to be associated with stuff like that. AT LEAST take it out of the club! There is a Holiday Inn walking distance from the club, do all the bj's and have sex for pay all you want there. Oh, I guess one of them did that the other night, $500. Bleh.....

I still absolutely LOVE my long, silver earrings that my friend Rose-Marie sent me for Christmas last year. They are my favorite earrings, pretty huh? I like silver and platinum.

And a nice girl I met here thinks that I should come and dance at the club she works at in Denver next year. Not Shotgun Willies, I have already worked there and I don't think I would do that again. She is really nice and cute. We both have dogs, like organic food and Whole Foods, we have the same bracelet from there. And one more thing.....she knew me from somewhere and she asked me if I have a blog. Yes, that's me I said. I guess she found the blog a while ago when researching about dancing in Williston. 🙂
Three days left here before I go home......

Wednesday, October 23. 2013


FOUR more days in this hell hole. I am counting down the hours in the club.....28 starting tonight. I am never coming back here....I'm not saying that I won't ever dance in South Dakota again but not here in Winner (I hope). I have heard of a club in another town in South Dakota where it's supposedly strict and the rules are followed, I wouldn't mind trying that one. But a place like Holiday House where girls basically do whatever to make a buck.....there is no place for me at a club like that. I am pretty sure I overheard a guy ask his friend for some extra money the other night....he needed to pay for his "lap dances", that if I heard it right, included a bj. Little does he know, or maybe he knows but just had a set of beer goggles on....or just wanted a bj really bad (pathetic man) that the lady that provided this service for him has a missing front tooth. I don't know if she puts in a fake tooth in her mouth or not but she looks like hell. I saw her in the dressing room and she had a dark gap in her mouth in the front.
Are people even aware or care about such fun little things like herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea and HPV? You can transmit and catch all of those by genital to mouth contact. Here is a kind word of advice for all you horny men out there that lose all common sense when intoxicated and around scantily dressed women, go to a legal brothel if you really need such services.
At least at the brothel you will be more protected from STDs. And the dancers that stick to the rules (like me) do not have to be subjected to being around it. Because trust me, I do not want to see it and I do not want to hear about it and I do not want to be asked if I do any of those things. GROSS.
The lap dances are totally unsupervised and are done on couches and armchairs, there is a flimsy dark kind of see through curtain that separates the lap dance area from the club. The bj thing does not surprise me at all, this place is filthy and trashy and most of the girls are beyond trashy. You can call me stuck up or whatever you want but I just tell it like it is. Some blonde little thing has been getting so drunk every night she has been working, management doesn't even care. She was standing on the main floor last night, making out with some old man, tongue and all. Absolutely repulsive. Her dances must be really FUN! All drunk, sloppy and you can probably do what you want to her, she is too drunk to know the difference.
Also this club is supposed to be topless only. But girls flash their VAGINES left and right when approaching guys or light their privates on fire. Borat style show. Even in clubs where you go nude on stage, for example the Bush Company in Anchorage, you NEVER flash you VAGINE when walking around on the floor, unacceptable. It would never be allowed, you would get called into the office and sent home. I like that. Guess what, I worked there for over two years, never once did I get sent home.
I woke up this morning to the hood rats loud cackling hyena laugh. With people like her populating this country I am not surprised that it is going to shits. Not an ounce of intelligence and manners. I got up and dressed and escaped to the solitude of McDonald's.

Here is a little mention of the bird count that I saw on the front page of some local paper.

Club rules. Somebody should make sure they are being followed (especially number 6) since we all had to sign this paper, consenting to the rules. Oh, the irony!

Sunday, October 20. 2013

Waking Up To Trailer Life

Woke up this morning by 11 am, while stretching my tired body and wiggling my toes I looked at something sitting on the blinds, something at least three inches long. A yellow jacket, eeeeeek! Then it started flying around my room fast and angry, so I opened the door and it disappeared somewhere into the rest of the trailer. Nothing like waking up to trailer life!

One of my roomies, the drunk but nice lady decided to leave last night. She is going to another club she has been working at about 100 miles away, she thinks I should try it out too. Maybe or maybe not. I'm still in Winner. Although last night started out slow, there were no guys in the club until after 8 pm due to some uninteresting baseball game on.....people and sports, I personally don't get it....but I did quite well after the club got busy. So last night I was a winner in Winner! I have made back my trip expenses plus some, so at least I have that. Now....profits only!
One girl told a story about getting bitten by a brown recluse (spider) last year she was here, she had to go to the emergency room for some sort of treatment and got antibiotics. Maybe it was a brown recluse that I took outside the other day? I am scared of spiders but I don't like killing them.
Last night a bigger girl that says she is fat (her own words) because she recently had a miscarriage (like in month 8 or what?), lit her nipples and crotch on fire. We are not supposed to show the VAGINE here but I guess it really is of no importance to some of the ladies.
She did the match trick, I saw that done a long time ago....I wonder who the first person was that came up with that? You basically take a match and pull the end apart into two pieces, slightly wet it and stick it on your nipples and light it on fire. I've tried that once or twice at home just for giggles. Then she stuck a match in her crotch and lit that on fire. She pulled down her panties and bra in front of a group of a group of guys looking a her with a look of amuse and bewilderment on their faces. Yeah, it was NOT a pretty sight.....more like a freak show. VERY NICE and HIGH FIVE!
So it is soon time for me to return to the trailer, take out any insects present and jump in the shower. Early night tonight, we close at is Sunday after all, the day we should all rest.