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Friday, January 28. 2022

Moon Boots

Moon Boots are the trend du jour currently. A lot of the current It-models and celebs are doing photoshoots wearing them. And back in early 2000s they had a moment as well, a moment that is back now.
Of course I have Moon Boots! And of course I wore them for a photoshoot, out by Lake Mead outside Las Vegas in 2007 and Barry was the photographer. I still have those Moon Boots, I got them in Denver and I wore them to Together As One years ago.
Memories.....I am looking through CDs with old pictures this evening. Here I am in my Moon Boots. I thought they were SO cool and SO cute back then and they still are!

Wednesday, January 5. 2022

Final Pictures

And.....the final pictures from my beach shoot back in October. What a great way to start off 2022, with with pictures of me for several days in a row!

Tuesday, January 4. 2022

Beach In October

And here are a few more pictures of meeeeee on the beach in October. ;-)
So I got this outfit, it's not a bathing suit, not really sure what to call it (lingerie?) so let's go with outfit, from Fredrick's of Hollywood. And I did not manage to put it on the right way for the shoot. It is a bit complicated with many strings and clasps and when you are trying to change on a public beach out of your regular clothes into something else, something that is complicated to put on.....you don't always get it right. The right way to wear looks much cuter, it's actually supposed to come down over one shoulder like super sophisticated and all.
But I had to fasten it in the back back with a hair tie.
I got a black one as well and if I do a shoot in that one I will make sure to figure out how to put it on the right way beforehand.

More Beach 2021 Pics

More of the beach 2021 pics. It was a bit cold that day, I was the only person wearing a bathing suit on the beach, everybody else had much more on.....but hey those are the things you do sometimes.
Me and Barry actually planned to shoot a week earlier but it was raining. On October 1st it was sunny but windy, my hair was blowing all over the place and I was constantly trying to get it out of my face.
Here are three pictures, check back tomorrow for more.

Sunday, January 2. 2022

October 1 2021 Beach Shoot

Three months ago on October 1 2021 I met up with my friend Barry that happens to live not too far from me now in WA, back in the day we both lived in Las Vegas. I have done several photo shoots with Barry over the years (search for Barry in the blog to see our stuff).
So back in October we drove to a beach in Oregon and spent a couple of hours shooting. Here are some of the pictures, I will put them up in a few entries.
And since we live in the time of plastic surgery, photo shop and filters I just want to say that these photos have zero filters, little photoshop like the light has been adjusted but no body parts have been made longer, thinner or larger and I have no plastic surgery. So if you are expecting to, or used to seeing unrealistic looking people on social media.....that's not me. I am hoping for the pendulum to swing towards the natural look cause if it does - I'm it.

Monday, January 22. 2018

Shoot In Chloride

Back in November I met up with Cindy and we drove from Las Vegas to Chloride Arizona and took some pictures. Check out the amazing murals.....this is a very interesting little town so worth visiting and exploring.
Here are some of the pics from my shoot in Chloride.

Photographer Enchanted Eye Photography.