Another Shoot

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Another Shoot

Today I did another photo shoot. No theme, I was told to bring myself and some tops to wear. A "trade for" shoot, I get one image out of the shoot. We took around 400 pictures and I narrowed them down to nine that I liked the best. In the end I had a difficult time picking out one image for the photographer to retouch for the final result.
He said the retouch won't be much, flyaway hair strands, whiten up eyes and teeth if needed, take out blemishes if needed.
I do not use much make up, no foundation, no contouring, no blush. I was not happy with the lip gloss color that I had on but I did not have much else to choose from in my make up bag. Also not happy with my hair.
Here are the nine I narrowed down to.

In the end after some undecisiveness I picked the one in the right hand corner at the bottom. 
I can say some of the pictures that I discarded I looked terrible. Everybody ages....I know. I am trying to "embrace" getting older as in getting older visibly on my face, skin and body. There are worse problems to have, I am very well aware of that.
Last December I did a similar shoot. Like a head shot type shoot. Trade for. I was asked to bring myself and some sweaters.
I got a few images out of that shoot. Here is one of them.
Last year went by so fast.

Photographer Davies Photo Arts.

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  1. Mr. B on :

    You light up the desert, and I am partial to your AK shoot photos, but something about you in red sweater makes it my favourite - perhaps the reason photography was invented.

  2. TATIANA Post author on :

    You are too kind as always Mr.B.
    I hope you are well!

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