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Sunday, December 2. 2018


Lily an elephant that was born in captivity at the Oregon Zoo died two days ago, a day before her 6th birthday. She had a virus that is found in elephants in the wild and in captivity. A vigil for Lily and a protest against the zoo in general was held there this evening. When I found out about it I wanted to see it for myself. According to one of the signs 21 elephants have died inside the Oregon zoo. Lily was the latest elephant to die.
I am of course very much against animals being held in captivity for human enjoyment. I am against circuses that use animals for entertainment and places like Sea World. If you want to see animals, go out in nature or watch Animal Planet or something like that.
Sure it it also dangerous for elephants to live in the wild, SADLY because of poaching. But just because elephants in the wild risk succumbing to poachers does not make it right to keep them in zoos. I was reading random comments when looking up the Oregon zoo earlier that some people used holding elephants in zoos as a good reason for them not to be in the wild and therefore not die in the hands of a poacher. Like zoos would be a safe place for them.
It is really not OK to support places like zoos in 2018, people should be more enlighten by now and realize that this is animal abuse.

Monday, November 12. 2018

YES on Proposition 12

Do you eat eggs? I do. I am a vegetarian but once in a while I will have eggs and I feed eggs to the dogs as well. I do think about the hens that lay eggs. It is nice to buy eggs from local sources if possible because the eggs that we buy in grocery stores come from hens that live in horrible conditions even though they supposedly have a bit more room to live on than before. I believe that animals that are used for consumption should live their lives as cruelty free as possible, a life with dignity and we should be grateful that animals so selflessly give their lives to us. I would gladly pay a bit more for eggs that came from hens that live cage free. Wouldn't you?
Proposition 12 or the Prevention of Cruelty to Farm Animals Act is asking for hens to live cage free, to be able to live closer to the way they are supposed to live. It also is pushing for changes to the condition calves and pigs live in confinement.
Read more about it HERE
or go to
Even if you do not vote you can voice your opinion regarding improving living conditions for hens. Or start eating less animal products. Or buy eggs from a more humane source.
I used to eat meat but since I love animals more than meat I decided to stop. I do still eat animals to some extent, I consume milk products and eggs. I personally think that eating less meat is healthier for you and everyone can make an effort to eat less meat, if you really care for animals. Cutting out meat several times a week won't hurt you, in fact you will be doing yourself and the environment a favor. If you think that you need to eat meat every day to be healthy you are brainwashed by the food industry that wants you to purchase meat. Remember that the tobacco industry have been telling the public for decades that smoking cigarettes is not bad for your health at all.
Other thoughts that I have on how we treat animals.....I think that people that abuse animals should be charged with felony and have to register for life as animal abusers. Kind of like sex offenders. There is a definitive link between animals abuse and violent crimes against humans.
Trophy hunting should be illegal and is despicable. Killing an animal for thrill or bragging rights is sick. Posing with the animal/s that you killed is just as sick. I remember the wall of "fame" at a sporting goods store in Alaska where people put up bragging pictures of dead animals they posed with, I think that was so tasteless and ugly. I don't even kill spiders if I find them in my house.
I believe that animals have souls and have the same right to exist as us. In fact animals probably have more rights to exist than us seriously flawed and destructive humans.
Going to the zoo in 2018? What? A big NO. Do yourself and your kids a favor and explain to them the importance of respecting animals and treating them humanely. Zoos are not humane. Rehabilitation facilities for animals are but not zoos.
We are more informed now than we were 20 years ago, so make better choices.

Buying fur coats and other fur garments is inexcusable. If you have some old fur that grandma passed down to you, by all means wear it, don't destroy it but going out to purchase something new with fur.....just because? NO.
Finally the fashion industry is evolving, catching on and many designers are not using fur anymore. Fake fur works just as well. If you need something furry, grow out your body hair or buy a fake fur item.
Read more about it here

Friday, October 20. 2017

Vegetarian Awareness Month

October is vegetarian awareness month and I will do my "duty" and spread the word about the benefits you gain from being a vegetarian......
The following is taken from

Vegetarian Diets
Reduce the risk of major killers such as heart disease, stroke and cancer while cutting exposure to foodborne pathogens
Provide a viable answer to feeding the world’s hungry through more efficient use of grains and other crops
Save animals from suffering in factory-farm conditions and from the pain and terror of slaughter
Conserve vital but limited freshwater, fertile topsoil and other precious resources
Preserve irreplaceable ecosystems such as rainforests and other wildlife habitats
Decrease greenhouse gases that are accelerating global warming
Mitigate the ever-expanding environmental pollution of animal agriculture

What are you meat eaters waiting for? Start reducing your meat intake.
The misconceptions that you need to eat meat every day to get a balanced diet, stay healthy and feel like you had a meal that satisfied your hunger are just that.....not true.

Harmony Farm Sanctuary

Me an Desi went back to Harmony Farm in Sisters the other day so we could meet the lady that owns the place, say hello to the animals and bring some stuff (donations). Robine (the owner) took her time and walked us through, told us about her place and the animals and we got to meet and pet most of them. I was in animal love heaven. SO CUTE. All of them. And so curious, nice and cuddly.

This baby calf's name is Norman. He was adorable. The most kind eyes with long lashes. He just wanted to be together with us.....most of the animals wanted to be close and part of what we were doing.

A Mama and her baby.

People should spend more time with animals so they can really understand how sentient and beautiful they are......then they should ponder a bit more about if they still think eating meat is a good idea.

Tuesday, October 17. 2017


I went to the movies twice this weekend to watch two very interesting and good films, both directors were there to speak to the audience. If you can, watch these films!
It's kind of emotional to sink down in that movie theatre seat.....I get all kinds of feelings inside when going to the movies.
First I saw The Last Animals directed by Kate Brooks. She has that dream job, she is a photojournalist and travels all over the world. I admire people like her.
I feel they make a real difference. A few minutes into this film I started tearing up. Basically humans are destroying this planet and killing the animals, greed is behind a lot of the destruction. It's difficult to watch that. But it is reality.
The next day I saw Dog's Best Friend directed by Eryn Wilson. It showed a man in Australia and his story about the dogs he loves and cares for.
I can say this....I don't regret cutting out meat from my diet. I did it for the animals. I don't want to eat what I love, I know they have emotions.
Far from perfect I am, I still eat dairy and I should start cutting down on that too. Animals have done nothing to deserve the horrible treatment they are getting from us humans.
I am also happy that I have managed to care for and love a beautiful and amazing dog - my Chhaya.
I can't put into words how much she means to me.

Monday, September 14. 2015


Today me, Chhaya and our friend Jim drove out to Nikiski with another donation from us at the club. This time it was Boss Lady's idea, so she gets all the credit. I was merely the person that delivered the check and of course I contributed to the $ and some treats not shown in the pic. I met many cute dogs and cats today and got to chat with Sue and Tim that operate the Nikiski Animal Sanctuary. They are great people. Once again, do not breed your pets and take good care of the pet/s you have. Be responsible.

I'm so tired.I was basically out all day and didn't get home until after dark. Jim took some pics of me too that I will put up tomorrow. Now I have to force myself to wash my face and take out my contacts and then I'm going to sleep.
Oh and I'm planning on keeping that chipped nail polish for as long as possible, it's a remnant from Burning Man so I'm not taking it off. I don't care if it looks bad.