Burning Man 2013

Welcome to Chaos !!

Wednesday, January 1. 2014


This is one of my fave pics of me from this last year....not only do I absolutely love this pic, I was at Burning Man when I took it.....having the time of my life. Photographer Michael Helms.

Saturday, October 5. 2013

Last Day

It was with a feeling of sadness that I left the Burning Man playa an early Monday morning, my home for the last week. I told myself that I have to come back again next year and here I am writing this over a month later in my kitchen, feeling the same way. Burning Man.....to describe it in a few words is difficult and pretty much impossible, it has to be seen and experienced to be comprehended. A vast area that in the span of one fantastic week is filled with people, music, art, lights - LIFE. It is like stepping inside a giant utopian Salvador Dali painting. I amassed so many memorable experiences during my week there that I will be forever grateful for. How can a week fly by so fast?
I took some time out during my last day to take some pics of myself with the help of the 10 second timer on my camera. I wanted more pics with my favorite statue at Burning Man, Truth Is Beauty.

Until next time!

This was my last entry on Burning Man 2013, the Cargo Cult. For about a month now I have written several blogs trying to describe in words and pictures how it was. Maybe there will be another story about next years event when that time comes. I still have some more pics to show you from my shoot with Michael, those will come up soon.


My Burning Man story is nearing it's end. It's been a over a month now since I left the playa. Did you know that there is an online clock that counts down the months, days, hours, minutes and seconds to the next Burning Man? I check it sometimes......I am counting down the time as well. I have some more random pics to show you.
Some people brought their little ones to Burning Man. I think that is OK, hopefully the kids that do experience the event will get something good out of it. I don't know about bringing babies though. I saw a couple in particular with a one year old on a few occasions.....they were not the best parents I can say from observing them and the baby a few times. If you need to party that bad then leave the baby at home in the care of somebody better suited to watch it than you are.

The Thunderdome. I loved this place. Basically an area where people strapped into bungees could beat each other up with large soft ish bats. It was great. No, I did not participate. I saw some people leaving that place with bloody noses. I am too vain and do not need any reconstructive face surgeries.

My stuff.

The cute baby giraffe stuffed animal in the Osiris dance tent. I love stuff like this. And yes, people danced with it. :-D

Bathroom sign.

Random people.

I have a lot of similar statues. One day when I figure out (if I ever do) where I am settling down, I am going to have the most amazing home full of stuff like this.

Some parting words.

Wednesday, October 2. 2013


Here's a collection of random pics of me at Burning Man. I am extremely self obsessed and cannot have enough pics of myself, lucky you that can admire them as well!
Last night the ice cream won over the running, it was a bit too dark out for my liking to run so so I ate ice cream, read and enjoyed my bed. In a bit I am taking Chhaya for another walk and then I am going running. Spending the evening at home. I love my house. Can't wait to decorate it in December.

Sacred goddess.

I went rollerblading at night to disco music and it was sooooo much fun!

Loooooving my life!

My Deery Lou necklace. KAWAII huh?

Dusty feet.

More Art

Here is some more art from Burning Man in form of paintings. I really admire creativity. Participation is highly encouraged at Burning Man, whether you make an art installation, paint something, volunteer etc. After all, Burning Man is created by people to be there for one week and then everything that was there is either burnt or taken down and only the playa is left with no traces of the event. It's pretty amazing. I was not so much of a participant I guess, since I didn't create anything. If I go again, which I absolutely hope that I will but sometimes life takes you in a different direction.....I will look into maybe participating somehow. Not sure how......walk around naked maybe, does that count? ;-)
Meanwhile, enjoy these paintings.......I did. And no, that is not me in the pic below.

It's 8 pm here.....Tuesday evening. Me and Chhaya had a nice day. It's already almost dark out. I might bundle up and go for a run, if not I am cuddling up in bed under the covers with Chhaya and that pint of ice cream waiting in the freezer. Trying a new one today, Bourbon Pecan Praline.

Sunday, September 29. 2013

The Art

"The playa is a tabula rasa, a blank canvas upon which many a fantastic vision has been realized. Submarines, gigantic ducks, swimmers, fire-breathing thistles, serpents, chandeliers, grandfather clocks and balsa wood temples have emerged from the playa."

Yes, the art or art installations as they are called were all over and impressive. I know I didn't get to see all that there was. But here is some of it. I loved these pieces.
"Coyote is a steel sculpture standing 25′ tall by 24′ wide. The head is kinetic and can rotate 360 degrees. The sculpture is climbable."

This was my favorite, I called her "The Lady", I went back to her several times, she was beautiful. I am pretty sure she was called Truth is Beauty.
"Truth is Beauty by Marco Cochrane.
Truth is Beauty is the second sculpture in a three-part series featuring singer/dancer Deja Solis, the first of which was Bliss Dance (2010). For Truth is Beauty, Deja stands on her toes, head back, arms raised, in an expression of radical self-acceptance and love. She can do this because she is safe. With the female body exposed and demystified you will see past what has been objectified and used to disempower: it’s the feeling, energy, strength, power… the person that remains. These sculptures featuring women safe in the present to express themselves, are meant to help raise consciousness around violence against women, begin a healing process to make room for women’s voices, and ultimately result in a balance of energy that will allow women and men to thrive…
My intent is that these sculptures express this healing energy and inspire us to take action; to finally say enough is enough!"

This was the first one I took a pic with, I love faeries! Her name was Guardian Of Dawn.

Crash Site.

Oh and BELIEVE was amazing. So may people took pictures there.
"Laura Kimpton and Jeff Schomberg have been showcasing their Large Word Series at Burning Man for the past 4 years. Their previous installations have been MOM, OINK, LOVE and EGO. This years project, BELIEVE, returns to the iconic metal letters that have proved to be some of Burning Man’s most loved (and photographed) installations. The Large Word Series in unique in that the installations evoke so many different things for different people. Citizens of Black Rock City interpret and interact with each word on their own terms and have expressed many different emotions and feelings based on their Word experiences. BELIEVE will continue this legacy by encouraging people to contemplate what they believe, how their beliefs affect their lives and their experiences on the playa."