Burning Man 2014

Welcome to Chaos !!

Saturday, September 20. 2014

Very Grateful

This will be my last entry about my Burning Man 2014 experience. To sum it up - I had lots of fun, I was happy, it was amazing, I want to go again and I'm very grateful that I had the opportunity to go and experience Burning Man again.

If you want to read more about it, check out Sarah Wonderhussy's fantastic blog here
We camped together this year again.


Some parting words that I read somewhere, I don't know who the author is......

"Come with an open mind and an open heart. Let go of any sort of agenda or expectation and you will be right where you need to be."

Friday, September 19. 2014

Black Rock City Experience

I'm not quite done yet with my Black Rock City experience.....I have a few more pics to share.

If you know me then you know that I don't like littering and I care, or try to at least......care for the environment. I mean if I was a true environmentalist I would not fly, so maybe next year I just bike to Burning Man? Yeah right, I'm hoping for an RV again! Well, I had to take a pic with this because it's so me and a few days later a couple of Black Rock City Earth Guardian volunteers came up to me and gave me a green bracelet and appointed me a Black Rock City Earth Guardian. That's right! Speaking of volunteering, so far I have arrived at Burning Man and enjoyed everything that was there, so generously awaiting me, at my fingertips. I might volunteer next year. MIGHT. Do not hold me to it but I have an idea of what I want to volunteer for! Leave No Trace, a message to live by everywhere you go!

This was the first day......it's been 24 days already since that first day. Going into Center Camp. Me from the front.

And the back.

Mooooore pics of me and......stuff.

At the deep Playa I found a very interesting medicine cabinet. A free for all fest. All kinds of goodies, I grabbed fistfuls.

I stopped at the Census wall of information, lots of interesting stuff to read. And I even completed the Black Rock City Census this year.

Stubborn Man

I attended the same two burns this year at Burning Man as last, the burning of the Man and the Temple. The Man got set on fire Saturday night and I made sure to take some pics of me in front if the colossus in the daytime. They start preparing the Man for the burn on Saturday by stacking up firewood and fencing off the area.

In the evening a large crowd gathers in a circle around the Man. There is a pre burn ceremony with fire dancers and stuff but I didn't catch much of that.

Then the Man slowly starts raising his arms and everybody cheers......

Me in the crowd.

The Man burnt for a looooong time, it was a very stubborn Man this year. I'm not sure how long I was sitting there watching the flames but I'm stubborn too and I decided I wasn't going to move until I saw the Man fall. And finally there was the collapse......

This was what was left the next evening, some parts, ashes, smoke and heat. Kind of weird.....you watch the whole thing unfold and then it's over just like that. Like life. Hmmmmm.......that is depressing actually.

Sunday, September 14. 2014

Center Camp Time

This is the first place I go to when I wake up, latte time at Center Camp!

I sit down and take my time, sipping and savoring my latte. People watching extravaganza in there. It's nice and cool, often with a little breeze. Some people sleep at Center Camp.....BRC Weekly called the place the Black Rock Homeless Shelter in this years magazine. I decided that I am going to take a nap at Center Camp next year, just for the experience, it seems like a cozy place for a nap. There is a lot going on in there, art, yoga, speeches......I love my Center Camp time.

How many pictures do I need of me and my latte? MORE! I don't have enough......I'm obsessed.

Time To Dance

What do you do when the sun goes down in Black Rock City? The party is just starting.....I like to dance. In fact I LOVE to dance. I found Dancetronauts again this year.....
Dancetronauts moves around on the Playa. Nice looking go-go dancers too.

This place is badass. I missed out on Hernan Cattaneo and Dj Dan earlier in the week, I arrived Wednesday instead of Monday as I had first planned. I changed my ticket.....why I will explain later. I have a few fave dj's, Hernan I would had liked to see but I think the music is really good at Burning Man, regardless of what dj is on, if you don't like it you just move to next place.

I have seen many dj booths but I think this one might take the price for the coolest one. If I was a dj, this would had been my dream dj booth.

There is one place I HAVE to visit every night, Planet Earth. An inside club that plays mostly 80's stuff.....I love Planet Earth! Lots of interesting people in there showing off their jerky 80's dance moves. I suspect the club is named after Duran Duran's song with the same name. Check out the video and you will get a sense about what Planet Earth is about. It's freakin' awesome and they have a bar where you get all the free booze you want.

Here I am super happy and ready to have FUUUUUUN!!!!! Time to dance!

I also went to an hour long ABBA dance party. There's nothing like loudly singing along to ABBA songs in a room full of other ABBA lovers. Yes, I know most ABBA songs, I grew up singing them......

Thursday, September 11. 2014


Today I'm going to cover the art at Burning Man. I only saw a fraction, there were 233 pieces of art placed on the Playa this year. Without a bike you will be missing out on a lot. Bring a bike, it's a must I think.
Of course the Man statue itself is part of the art. The man burned down on a Saturday, I am not sure how tall the Man was this year but it was very tall.......

Then there was the beautiful Temple building......the Temple burned down on a Sunday.

This amazing structure was called Embrace. It cost about $266 000 (WOW) and a ton of willing volunteers to create, much of the cost was funded by Kickstarter and various fundraisers. Embrace burnt down on a Friday. Embrace symbolized the celebration of all our relationships. I loved Embrace, spectacular.

I spent spent some time one night out by this LOVE structure. You have to actually be there to capture the feeling and understand the beauty and magnificence of it all.

Some parting words that I feel have lots of meaning, definitely in the spirit of Burning Man and Black Rock City.