Here Again

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Here Again

I started out my trip to Winner South Dakota (yes I'm back here again) out of Kenai at 2 PM Thursday afternoon and I finally made it to Winner around 5 PM the following day (Friday). The first airplane takes about 20 minutes or so.....Kenai to Anchorage. Then I had a nice and relaxing (not) layover for five hours in Anchorage. After that I had a wonderful time from Anchorage to Minneapolis crammed in between two men, one of them on the larger side that spilled into my seat. The seats on Delta are definitely not made for people that carry a little bit of extra weight. I think I managed to sleep for one hour or so, the rest of the time I watched a movie (Maleficent) and tried to ignore the pretty much constant screaming from a hysterical child seated diagonally behind me. Lovely trip. I realized that yes, if somebody was to have Ebola and get on a full and muggy airplane......everybody would probably get infected. So please people, do not fly if you have Ebola! Or any other diseases similar to it. Thank you.
People were coughing and sneezing constantly, nobody seems to be aware of the "proper" way to handle such bodily functions. Then I had to wait in Minneapolis, that has the best airport ever BTW, for a couple of hours for my next flight to Omaha Nebraska. While waiting, one of my fellow passengers decided that Mecca was calling and started praying, interesting. We boarded the plane, then had to deboard due to something not functioning. Once we were on the next plane we took off and I got to Omaha safely. My first time in Nebraska! From there I drove 300 miles or so to Winner. Through gorgeous country I have to say. Golden cornfields, cows out in pastures and large trees showing off the most beautiful colors. This country really is amazing. I'm glad I have seen so much of it.
Once in Winner I located my trailer and met up with Mandy. Then it was time to shower, shave and slap on some eye shadow and lashes. Although I'd much rather sleep but I pulled myself together and went to work.
Same club as last year, Holiday House. The moment I stepped my foot in there I felt regret and wanted to go back home - immediately. I did not want to be here last year, I said I would never come back. But I did, because sometimes time just erases certain memories, softens our impressions. But yeah, this is not a place for me. So I am back to counting down the hours until I can go back home again. I was actually even thinking about just getting in my car and going back home last night but I didn't. I stuck it out until the end, which is 2 AM.
So I'm at McDonald's (free WiFi) with Mandy, catching up. At this point we are thinking about going someplace else to work, she is feeling the way I do. This place is just too much.
Burly and rude. Guys let out the most disgusting farts while they stand around sipping on their beers like it's the most normal thing to do. There is no difference for them where they are at, barn or strip club - it's all the same. Farts, belches, spilled beer and disgustingness in general. I'm just not cut out for that kind of behavior. They also think it's perfectly normal to reach out and grab you too and that is not OK with me. There is way to much contact going on for my liking. SIGH. Why did I come back? I don't know. This is all the stuff that was bothering me about Holiday House last year.......Well, at least I get to hang out with Mandy and I did see some beautiful scenery. So it's not all horrible.
Not much has changed in Winner. They did open up a coffee shop though, that is a major improvement I have to say. So I got my latte in Winner (finally) and a locally made blueberry muffin. Yeay!

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  1. Annette on :

    😥..... well you and Mandy are the best thing Winners has ever seen. I hope it gets better.
  2. mandy on :

    Werd. Winner cannot handle the goddesses that are Mandy and Tatianna. Belchy rude smelly fart bombs, they want a women they can grab by the hair and drag around...making them provide sexual attention whenever they desire. No thank you!
  3. TATIANA Post author on :

    Exactly. NO thank you!
  4. TATIANA Post author on :

    Well, to be fair.....there are some other pretty girls working in the club. I can think of three besides me and Mandy.
  5. Savannah on :

    I know that feeling of dread that you speak of. That was my experience with Williston, and I swore I'd never go back. I couldn't get out of there fast enough, haven't been back since, nor will I ever be going back. I hope your trip is safe and profitable for you though. Keep the butt whacker handy ;-)
  6. TATIANA Post author on :

    It's not a good feeling.....then you have to force yourself to make the best out of the situation and work anyways. GAAAAAH! Torture!
  7. Savannah on :

    I agree. It is like torture. I read your newer posts that say that you left Winner. Im glad to hear that you did if it was not a situation that you felt good about. Hopefully the money will be good in the new place. But even if its not, there is no price that you can put on your hapiness. Best of luck to you and safe travels! Xoxo
  8. TATIANA Post author on :

    "there is no price that you can put on your happiness."
    I feel sooooo much better. I did not have a great night last night in the new club, it was kind of slow. But nobody was trying to manhandle me and/or acted brutish (common behavior at the club in Winner from what I have seen). I felt no anxiety or that feeling that I just wanted to leave. Plus I'm staying in a comfortable and safe place now. A definite improvement for me. HUGS!
  9. Savannah on :

    Good to hear! Good luck!
    Oh...I did read about a new club that opened up that sounds like it might be worth a try...I will email you ;-)

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