Last Night

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Last Night

I am writing this at Starbucks in Sioux Falls while sitting in a brown leather chair, full after having some hot chai, banana bread and oatmeal. Now I know that you can get oatmeal with fruit at both Starbucks and McDonald's, it's not bad and much better than a greasy hamburger, so listen to me and choose the oatmeal next time. I am tired and a little loopy because it's almost 7 AM and I left Winner about 3 PM, it took me 2 1/2 hours to get to Sioux Falls, I was listening to the radio and loudly singing along to songs the whole way. I thought about life and how fast time goes by and all the people that I know and have met and the people that I will never come across again and it made me sad and I cried a little. Tears about life, because life is great and beautiful but also sad and difficult. I can get emotional several times a day and then I am happy again.
So I am done in Winner. The last night got off to a slow start but then I had fun and time went by fast. The night was over before I knew it and I got on the road out of there.
The bouncer "Tiny" told me that it had been a pleasure working with me and that he thinks that I am very nice, classy and elegant. That is always nice to hear.
Here I am on the stage admiring myself.

Yes, I look tall (obviously since about every other person says something about that) but without those heels I'm 5'9" and I don't think that makes me a giant. So when some guy blurts out that I'm too tall for him I usually say that he can come and find me when he mans up and grows some balls. It's not my fault that you might be insecure and I am not going to take off my heels and walk around barefoot or in flip flops so some guys can feel more manly or something. I mean, most girls wear high heels in strip clubs and then you have the occasional dancer that schleps around in flip flops or slippers. That's not me though.
I got lots of marriage proposals in Winner. LOL. My standard answer is, fill out the ten page application and get in line. Steve from the other night came back, he asked if I'm up for adoption. Of course I am but I need to be treated like a very spoiled child and get everything I point my finger at. ;-)

So my two trailer mates got dropped off at the bus stop yesterday morning. I don't know what they did but they basically had to pack up and leave. So no work for them last night. There was more drama too. One of the girls that was involved in the fight Friday night supposedly went to the police, I am not sure what happened there but the rumor was that she said that there is nasty stuff that goes on in the club and we had some kind of inspectors in the club keeping an eye at the place last night.
I didn't get a warning or a talk about cleaning up my act from management because they didn't think I need to clean up anything. Yeah, I know.....I am one of those "no fun" dancers that won't let you get away with whatever you think you should but with me you pay for a quality.
So the Holiday House in Winner wasn't as good as I was hoping for. It had to do with the bird count, because the girls that had been there previous years said that they had never seen it this slow. And slow kind of equals lesser income, unless you get lucky but I don't count on lucky.....I want busy and consistent. The weekends were OK, I can't complain but the weekday earnings were far from good enough when you travel and have expenses related to the travel. What also put somewhat of a damper on this adventure was my trailer experience, those roommates were too much. Besides that, the club was OK, not a classy place by any means but I did do alright after all and I can see potential there when it's busy. But the owner should clean up amongst the dancers and get rid of the girls that do some of the trashy and nasty stuff. That is not good for business and it will scare away quality girls. The staff was nice and I met some cool girls.
I am getting really sleepy now. I wonder if I can sleep at Starbucks? :-D

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  1. Markus on :

    Hey Tatiana,
    Nice meeting you this weekend. I agree about the down year this year & the bird count. In years past, that place is very busy on Friday & Saturday night. I wish you would have had a better experience. You were the classiest girl there & looked fantastic. Would be nice to have you back.
  2. TATIANA Post author on :

    Hi Markus! Thanks for stopping by.....
    Now that it is all said and was ok but not as good as I have heard and what can you do....the poor birds are down. Oh well.....there are other clubs if I don't come back to Winner....don't know about having to go on the square of torture ever

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