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Here I am, having breakfast at McDonald's and taking advantage of the free (but spotty at best) Wi-Fi. Yes, I'd much rather be at McDonald's with my laptop than lay on a bed in a trailer staring at the roof and listening to one of my trailer mates arguing with her baby daddy on the phone and the other one making random loud noises and snorting sounds with her nose. Yes, even McDonald's seems like a peaceful place compared to THAT.

I have been using this self tanner a few times. It works pretty good and doesn't leave a strong after smell. I protect my hands with thin gloves so they don't get dark and blotchy.

Last night the owner of the club approached me and asked how much it would be for me to change my return ticket for Wednesday. He had asked the house mom to ask me to consider staying longer the other night. He offered to pay the change fee for my plane ticket and let me stay in the trailer for free. I guess a group of "rich" guys are coming in on Tuesday and he thinks I'm a good looking girl and wants to impress them (his words not mine). I thought about it for a second because the last three nights have been bad income wise and it would be good to try to make up for that but I have decided to stick with the original plan and go home when I'm supposed to. I miss Chhaya, I miss my clean home, bed and bathroom. And it doesn't matter if these guys are rich. That doesn't mean they will spend and money on ME, even if I am "a nice looking girl." I am "competing" with straight up cheap hookers here (not all of the girls do this but enough of them) I have figured this much out the last week. Some girls are complaining and upset about it and I've heard some prices from two different guys last night.....ready for this? $100 for a BJ and $125 - 150 for sex. In the club, where we do the lap dances. This makes me sad and I do not like to be associated with stuff like that. AT LEAST take it out of the club! There is a Holiday Inn walking distance from the club, do all the bj's and have sex for pay all you want there. Oh, I guess one of them did that the other night, $500. Bleh.....

I still absolutely LOVE my long, silver earrings that my friend Rose-Marie sent me for Christmas last year. They are my favorite earrings, pretty huh? I like silver and platinum.

And a nice girl I met here thinks that I should come and dance at the club she works at in Denver next year. Not Shotgun Willies, I have already worked there and I don't think I would do that again. She is really nice and cute. We both have dogs, like organic food and Whole Foods, we have the same bracelet from there. And one more thing.....she knew me from somewhere and she asked me if I have a blog. Yes, that's me I said. I guess she found the blog a while ago when researching about dancing in Williston. šŸ™‚
Three days left here before I go home......

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  1. matt on :

    Hello been a long time , I read your blogs now and than . They r cool adventures .I am working in Williston . Building houses . Its crazy here . You r as beautiful as ever take care , maybe one day I will c u again . Matt
  2. TATIANA Post author on :

    Hi Matt! Nice to hear from you!
    I remember you were talking about working in N Dakota, I hope it goes well for you!
    Take care!

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