Waking Up To Trailer Life

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Waking Up To Trailer Life

Woke up this morning by 11 am, while stretching my tired body and wiggling my toes I looked at something sitting on the blinds, something at least three inches long. A yellow jacket, eeeeeek! Then it started flying around my room fast and angry, so I opened the door and it disappeared somewhere into the rest of the trailer. Nothing like waking up to trailer life!

One of my roomies, the drunk but nice lady decided to leave last night. She is going to another club she has been working at about 100 miles away, she thinks I should try it out too. Maybe or maybe not. I'm still in Winner. Although last night started out slow, there were no guys in the club until after 8 pm due to some uninteresting baseball game on.....people and sports, I personally don't get it....but I did quite well after the club got busy. So last night I was a winner in Winner! I have made back my trip expenses plus some, so at least I have that. Now....profits only!
One girl told a story about getting bitten by a brown recluse (spider) last year she was here, she had to go to the emergency room for some sort of treatment and got antibiotics. Maybe it was a brown recluse that I took outside the other day? I am scared of spiders but I don't like killing them.
Last night a bigger girl that says she is fat (her own words) because she recently had a miscarriage (like in month 8 or what?), lit her nipples and crotch on fire. We are not supposed to show the VAGINE here but I guess it really is of no importance to some of the ladies.
She did the match trick, I saw that done a long time ago....I wonder who the first person was that came up with that? You basically take a match and pull the end apart into two pieces, slightly wet it and stick it on your nipples and light it on fire. I've tried that once or twice at home just for giggles. Then she stuck a match in her crotch and lit that on fire. She pulled down her panties and bra in front of a group of a group of guys looking a her with a look of amuse and bewilderment on their faces. Yeah, it was NOT a pretty sight.....more like a freak show. VERY NICE and HIGH FIVE!
So it is soon time for me to return to the trailer, take out any insects present and jump in the shower. Early night tonight, we close at midnight....it is Sunday after all, the day we should all rest.

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