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Saturday, October 19. 2013

Holiday House

The club I'm working at for the rest of the week (unless I decide to leave and go somewhere else for some reason) is called Holiday House. It is inside a sports bar of some sort so it's really not a "real" strip club and that is quite noticeable.
There are two stages, one which is one of the WORST stages I have ever seen. Just an elevated square with no pole, some slippery linoleum flooring, a low roof, I'm inches away from it when I stand up. There is absolutely HORRIBLE bright green and white lights that blink on and off and blind you and show off every stretch mark, scar, pimple, stray hair and cellulite. Lovely. I don't know of any girl that wants to have that on blast. I don't understand how some club owners think, do they not look at the stage and pay attention to something as crucial as lighting in the club? Everybody should know that lighting, even in a restaurant is important and sets the mood. Do I want to go on a stage and showcase my cellulite on my thighs? NO. And I have some. There are girls in there with stretch marks all over their stomachs and boobs and major cellulite and I cringe when I see that. It just doesn't look nice whatsoever. Think of a dressing room mirror with some very harsh lighting. Lights in a strip club should be soft and on the dark side (not too dark) and reddish. I'd rather go on stage with some regular 40 W light bulbs than lights that make any girl look worse, unless you are a skinny 13 year old.
The club over all is very trashy. I don't know what I was expecting..... a miracle perhaps? I did work in Dallas SD the last two years and that too was very trashy. I guess I hoped for some sort of improvement here, but no. The guys are nice but most of them, MOST not all, are blue collar couch potatoes that get away from home for a week to go hunting. Not professional at all. And this is a description told to me last night by a nice man that has been coming here for 30 something years. I think he summed it up fairly well. Lots of burping and farting. Not by me, by the guys. I KNOW, totally DISGUSTING! Why am I here again I wondered several times last night. One more week of torture.
I did meet a few very nice gentlemen. And that is refreshing. They thought so too by meeting me because to be quite frank, some of the girls working at the club are scary and lack any form of refinement. They think that dancing is basically crawling out on stage, get down on all fours and shake their jiggly rumps around. Um NO. Then they sit around and text on their phones and glare at the other girls (like me).
The first night was pretty bad but last night was decent money wise. I just hope it keeps up. So far I have seen about three or four pretty girls and the rest were basically trashy.
But everybody has different taste and some guys that go to strip clubs like the trashy look and behavior because they think that there might actually be a chance to get a girl that presents herself like that to go home with them. Plus they are trashy themselves sometimes.
Whereas a classy and nice looking girl is more out of their league and intimidating.
I stay in a picturesque trailer. Quite lovely if you are into the trailer life. LOL. I have a spartan room outfitted with one bed and some rusty hangers in the closet. The bed has a sheet.
I went out and bought my own pillow and asked for another sheet to cover myself with when I sleep. I might have to buy a blanket and don't want to sound cheap but I think that at least clean bedding should be provided for the girls that travel, so you don't need to bring that with you. Especially if they charge $40/night for the trailer life experience. I am going to try and negotiate that price, really $40? I mean, do I want to travel with pillows and blankets? Pay for an extra suitcase on top of the one I already checked? Not really. There are no locks on the bedroom doors, so I can't lock the door when I sleep or when I leave. I always bring my money, laptop and PRADA bag with me when I leave. There trailer also has a bunch of bugs. I'm not sure what they are but they fly. I take them outside but they come back. I also took out a spider from my room and a yellow jacket. I like animals but come on now!

Besides the insects, I share this quaint little trailer with three other ladies. One of them has to sleep on a bed in the living room/kitchen area. She is OK during the day, sleeps mostly but at night she gets completely WASTED and I take her back "home". She is amazed that I don't drink and I think to myself, thank God I don't because I would not want to look and act like you do around midnight. She stumbles around and mumbles. Hangs all over the guys that try to get rid of her. She told me she got fired from one of the clubs in Williston (Whispers) for drinking too much. No shit! And let me tell you, most people drink here and in Williston, so to drink too much.....that means you are WASTED, like I said. Last night on the rather uncomfortable ride home she stared at me the whole time then proceeded to sneeze 12 (yes, 12!!!) loud and wet sneezes back to back. GROSS. I wrapped my scarf even tighter around my face. She asked me if I was cold, I said yes.
The other two ladies are ghetto hood rats from Florida with no class whatsoever. One is very skinny with some bad bolt on boobs that she proudly displays all over the club (LOOK at me, I bought boobs!!.) Some girls here don't cover up when they leave the stage, they just let it all hang out. I mean, why not right? That would never happen at a more upscale club. She looks like she has been friendly with the pipe a lot in her life and I don't refer to a weed pipe now. The other one is a tall blonde with a big stomach. She has a bad attitude and I had to tell her off the first night because she acted inappropriate towards me. I really don't want to elbow anyone in the face and rearrange their teeth so I told the "house mom" that I didn't come all the way here for a bunch of lame drama. But if I have to I will use the elbow or a precisely placed round kick to her face if I have to. Really, don't fuck with me.
There are two girls working here that worked with me this past summer in Alaska. Me and another girl nicknamed them Alf and Oksana. Alf because she looks like Alf in the face.
And Oksana because she looks like she is strong enough to pull a plow. Or wrestle a bear.
When people drop a beer bottle or a glass on the floor in the club or when one of the dancers kick it over by accident while on stage, the mess does not get cleaned up. There are wet areas and broken glass on the floor and you have to be careful walking around so you don't slip and have an accident. To get up to the second level where the dances are done you have to climb up a steep spiral stair case that is downright an accident waiting to happen. Very bad idea. But like I said, this is some kind of a sports bar that gets turned into a make shift strip club during pheasant hunting season. As far as any nice place in town to dine at etc.....I haven't seen any.....yet.
The staff so far are nice. I haven't really dealt with them much except hand over the steep house fee and the DJs tip and when I told the "house mom" about the hood rat and her behavior.
But now I am going to see if I can find a park or something so I can get some sun and fresh air before I am returning to the Sheraton (trailer) here in town to shower and get ready for another night at the broken bottle palace.

Friday, October 18. 2013


So I am in a small town called Winner, that is in South Dakota. I really hope that this town will live up to it's name......I started my journey Wednesday evening and it took three airplanes to get to Sioux Falls, then I rented a car from there and drove to Winner, that took about four hours. I was exhausted last night, my body felt weak my eyes just wanted sleep but I still went to work. The clubs name is Holiday House.
I am kind of strapped for time today. I didn't wake up until 2 pm, dehydrated I know the feeling because my brain feels on the verge of a headache.
I need to get in the shower no later than 4 30 and I have some errands to do before that so there will be more details about Winner and the club another time. And I already got some stuff to talk about, you know me! ;-)
There is not even a decent coffee shop around (not that I know of at least) so I went to McDonald's for a coffee, some salad with no meat, they only have salad with no meat as a side salad and free wifi. So I am going to scarf down this fine meal and get going.

PS.....note my pink heels on the Welcome To Winner sign.

Saturday, October 27. 2012

Whispers Williston Update

To all the ladies that are curious about working at club Whispers in is some info for you.
The DJ that works at Whispers reads my blog.....mhmmmm, yes he does. 🙂
This is what he has to say....I am going to copy a comment he recently left to one of my entries about Whispers that I wrote earlier this year.
"Kinda have some insight for you hopefuls out there. I can speak for whispers in saying that business is picking up each day it gets colder. Not as many people want to be outside in the cold when its warmer and the scenery is much nicer inside. If you want to try to get booked, email a RECENT face pic and body pic along with your contact info to The club actually offers housing if you don't want to spend almost $800-$900 for the week. If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at the above email address ( and I will help any way I can. Hope this helps any and all who may be interested.
Whispers DJ (yes they have one now lol).

And he wrote me an email too.....
"Hey Tatiana
Just wanted to say thank you again for the insight back in July about coming up here. Just wanted to give you an update, the stage area has been remodeled and the club now has two vip rooms that are making the girls even more money than the original dance room. No more tickets, lol, the girls keep all the money they make and have a flat rate house fee. Would love for you to come back up and check it out now that we have it on the right track :-)

I recall when I did work at Whispers last time, I did well (in case you wonder). One girl just hated me for some reason (jealous much?) and she knew about my blog before I had even met her and talked so much shit about me and this blog and said that I wrote things that were not true about the club. Actually I would NEVER do that, I take pride in writing in a very truthful way without exaggerating or lying. Look at it as journalism if you want. Of course it is from MY perspective, since I am writing about MY experiences. Well, she trash talked me to all the other girls and the staff and they would all glare at me and even talk shit. Whatever! I found that very comical.
I am way stronger than that. Then she, or somebody she trash talked me to, called Heartbreakers and told the manager that I have a blog and write negative things about clubs. Whoever made that phone call was hoping that I wasn't going to be allowed to work at Heartbreakers, where I was scheduled the week after Whispers. Well, little did she know that I was one of the first girls ever to work at Heartbreakers, hired by the owner Jared. We even went furniture shopping for the club together.
Writing a blog is not a crime, this is not China - I can write about what I want. It's so pathetic that girls like her try to sabotage for other girls. What sad individuals they must be, waking up every day with a miserable hangover. Spewing their trash over everybody in their way.
Also, many dancers write about clubs all over different online discussion forums. They discuss and talk bad about clubs, managers, DJs, house fees etc. Most of them hide behind a user name and an anonymous account. I have a very public blog. And I stand for my opinions. If you don't like what I have to say - then don't read my blog........ ;-)

Tuesday, October 23. 2012

No Words......Just GROSS

Last year when I worked at Frank Day's it was totally unplanned. I was actually booked at Scarlett O'Haras in Sioux Falls for two weeks and after a week I've had enough because the club was slow with no money to be made. When you travel for work you can't be at a club making $100 - 200/night. With that kind of money I might as well stay home and have no expenses related to the travel.
So my friend Kiko told me about Frank Day's and I went there. Worked seven nights and did alright. I came late in the season, everybody told me it had slowed down and that I should come back next year for the opening of the pheasant hunting season. So I did return this year and decided to come about one week early. I asked the owner twice if it would even be WORTH my time coming a week early and she said that she did have large groups of guys coming in and that there should be money to be made. Well, that was a mistake. Friday - Wednesday, a whole six nights were awful. I mean, I was expecting at least $300/night on the slower nights. Not under $100. That is unacceptable. And the other girls working didn't make any money either, with the exception of one that supposedly got paid to hang out and acted very lovey-dovey with some guy. And I don't work like that anyways, I like to do many lap dances in between my stages for many different people. Certainly not act like somebody's date, hang out all night, maybe even during the day and after work and exchange numbers.
Different strokes for different folks. I've heard that many girls were mislead to believe that there is LOTS of money there before the official start of the season. NOT OK! Because that is not true, unless you get "lucky" and you can't count on that. So when Thursday came around I had far from what I had expected to have with four nights left to try to make up for it. And out of the four, I did ok three of them and bad one night.
It's just NOT my kind of club. Many of the guys that visit Frank Day's are kind of rowdy, many are rude, drunk and expect way too much from you. They like girls who act wild on stage, lots of crotch diving, flipping VAGINES (no panties) and asses in people's faces on the stage.
I mean literally, in their face WITH two way contact. Boob touching on the stage. Sorry but that is NOT how I dance. I am more of the soft, pretty, feminine dancer.
Girls were simulating BJ's on beer bottles and in between guys legs. Sure, that's "entertaining" maybe - but it's not me. I stay on the stage, don't get off it during my songs and if you have been reading my blog for a while - well then you know that my lap dances don't include anything that would make me feel uncomfortable and that includes having my boobs groped. I would not like to have many different guys touch my boobs with different variations of groping every time I work. My boobs are sensitive and I want to save those moments for the person I have a relationship with, when I do.
I did a dance at Frank Day's for a guy and he wanted to BITE my nipple. And got kind of upset when I refused. I don't think that every girl dancing in there would let him do that (I certainly hope not) sometimes the guys try whatever just to see what they can get away with. But most people I encountered in there (the guys) thought I was shy or stuck up. Fine. I was totally out of my element. And so many of them wanted to meet up after work. I saw things that made me cringe and I felt sad at times. I think dancing (stripping) can be done in a very beautiful and sensual way without having to act vulgar. I've had many people compliment me on my dancing before saying that it is like "art" and beautiful. I like to keep it fun, flirty, sexy, cute, pretty - NOT vulgar and/or porno looking. And like I said earlier......different strokes for different folks. I can only be me. Here some girls were flashing guys off the stage, just pulling their underwear down and bending over on the floor - hoping to get a dance like that.
Other girls did dances out on the floor for small tips. One girl was standing by the DJ booth while some guy was sucking on her boob. I already told you in a previous blog about the boob sucking on stage. Some girl was sitting on a guys lap around a large round table in the dining area, while he pulled her top to the side and played with her nipple. With all of that going on - why buy dances? There IS money to be made here. Some girls did really well the last three nights I worked. I am talking amounts between $1200 - 3000 each night. Good for them, I am happy that they made that. I didn't but that's ok. Well, of course I wish I would had made lots of money too, that would had been nice if I would had left South Dakota with a nice chunk of change but I can only work the way I am comfortable with. In fact I made more that first week I was at Frank Day's last year than I did in my ten nights combined this time around. And although I thought the place was the craziest place I ever worked at was even crazier this time around. So if you are ok with working in a very hands on club, flipping your VAGINE in guys faces, acting wild and rowdy.....then this might be the club for you.
Do not come before the pheasant hunting season begins. Come a day early and go to work. You don't have to be that pretty, decent looking is ok as long as you act wild and and hustle good. I did work with a couple of very pretty girls.
Naomi - OMG, one of the prettiest girls I have ever seen. And I told her this, I give out compliments freely. Got her number too. ;-)
Sway that I first met at Heartbreakers in Williston, also a very good looking girl.
There are also some porn stars (I guess) that work here, ladies that use a first and last name because they are known for other things than just dancing. I do have to say that we all got along and I made some new "friends". You know people that you get along with right then and there but that you might never or rarely see again and probably won't stay in touch with too much or at all. But the girls were nice, with a few exceptions.
When the pheasant hunting officially starts the club charges you $130 to work each night.
You have to agree in advance to how many nights you want to work and pay either all of it or half of it Friday night before midnight. The first week I was there, it was only $30 to work and trust me it should had been free, we weren't making any money! Friday night I had to pay $390 to work for my three remaining nights. So if you want to stay 10 nights once the season starts it's $1300, you have to pay half of it upfront. Some girls refused to do that and went night by night instead and I heard that they got away with it, good. I don't think a club should charge upfront like that. Other girls payed upfront but wanted to go home because they didn't like it and got told they wouldn't get any refunds. Hmmmmmm........that's kind of brutal. Also, you have the give the club $10 for every dance you do.
And remember that I mentioned that I got so fed up/upset that I cried a little Friday night? Well, I wasn't the only one crying that night, I found out later that three other girls were sad that night too. LOL. Kind of funny. We were all weeping. Sad stripper party!
Where do you stay? Find a room early. The owner has trailers for the girls. I stayed in one last year, I did not want to experience that again this year so I got a room at the Parkside Motel in Gregory. Nothing luxurious but it has what you need, shower, bed, tv, fridge. $40/night.
The bed is large so you can travel with a friend and split the cost.
I heard that Burke has a motel too. Both Burke and Gregory are close enough to the club. Also, ask around. The staff has rooms for rent too.
The DJs were super nice and funny. They like mostly country and rock here with an emphasis on the country. I still played some Rihanna, Ellie Goulding and Deadmau5. When the season starts and the club gets filled up with people they open up another area called the Tiki Room. This is another room with a long stage with two poles. Half of the girls will be in the main area and the other half in the Tiki Room. Once you have been assigned your location you are stuck there for the rest of the night. The Tiki Room was badly lit, reminded me of a large shed but many girls like it more because it resembles a strip club more compared to the main area which concludes of two rooms, the dining area and bar with the jukebox and people dancing two step and the room with the main stage and girls dancing. Also the stage in the Tiki Room needs to get cleaned, there are spider webs hanging from the ceiling, the dressing room is very small and full of spider webs too. I don't like that you can't move in between the two areas. That means you are missing out on money. Saturday was my best night whereas another girl had her worse night that night and she is a money maker, expecting to be making a lot this season, she has been returning for years. She got stuck in the room with no money. One night while on stage I put my hand through my hair and felt something. I had a bug or a fly in my hair, I shook it off and it crawled across the stage. Another girl got a fly in her mouth. Yuck! to the disgusting part.......
IT IS SO GROSS !!!!! Saturday night, close to the end of the night the club started smelling like shit. It was bad, I mentioned that in a previous blog. Actually every night I was there somebody decided to rip ass, like foul ass. So absolutely disgusting. Keep your assholes shut please. Anyways......I asked another girl if she could smell how bad it stunk in the whole place and she said that she could, as we looked at each other in horror.
Sunday I had to be in at 5 PM, the place opens at noon, it's a bar and a restaurant too, many people stop in here for a meal. Girls come in to work as early as noon sometimes. Well, it was slow so I sat at the bar for a while. I always sit on a towel.
I got bored and went into the dressing room and while I was talking to another girl, Sway actually, I could feel that horrid poop smell again. So I asked her if she could smell it too and I told her that it smelled like that last night and that is was gross. So she told me that some old man shat his pants at the bar late Saturday night and that people were VOMITING because it stunk so bad, I mean I could smell it from the other room. When he got up from the chair he had diarrhea all over the back of his pants while he walked out of the club. Then she kind of yelled out, "He was sitting in the chair you were just sitting in while he pooped himself." OMG OMG OMG, I FREAKED OUT!!!! We both did. I picked up my towel that I had been sitting on, got a whiff - sure smelled like that diarrhea smell from last night. I ripped off my panties, almost started crying. Sway handed me baby wipes, I got sanitizer and started to frenetically wipe down my backside, my legs........while just wanting to cry. I have never in my life experienced anything like this. Turns out that Jen, one of the managers, thought it was a good idea to KEEP the fucking chair that had poop all over it, a chair with a cloth cover.
A cloth cover soaks up stuff. She just sprayed it down with Lysol, my friend witnessed it. HELLOOOOO!!!!!!????? This is a FUCKING restaurant too, people EAT here. HEALTH CODE anyone? How the fuck are you knowingly going to let girls sit in that contaminated chair all afternoon without saying anything?
I was LIVID!!!! I told Jen and they took the chair out. I said I wanted money for my ruined underwear and it took about three hours and I got handed a $20 and an apology. Mind you, I was not the only girl that day sitting in that chair, others did too......then we went on stage, sat down in other chairs, other guests of the bar sat in it too. Spreading feces bacteria around.........How wrong is that? I still can't believe that they kept that chair, I can't believe this happened to me......! I am a very clean person. One girl that works there doesn't usually wear any panties, just a big belt with a large buckle barely covering her VAGINE, she sits around all night long on those chairs with her bare ass and lady bits. I am SO grateful for my towel, I never sit down without a towel under my butt. Of course I threw it away and the panties.
And guess what? That old man supposedly shat his pants a week earlier in there, I wonder if he was sitting down then too or did it standing up? And to make it even worse......he returned to the club Sunday night, back sitting at the bar. FUCKING GROSS! I don't care that he is old and might be demented or sick, that is a health violation and hazard. They should give him some adult diapers and tell him to put one on and not come back until he can control his bowel movements. Do YOU want to go out dining and be exposed to somebody shitting themselves next to you? Or even better, get seated in a chair that has shit on it, by the staff that is aware of that fact? WTF!!!!????
That right there really made me certain that there is no way in hell I am ever returning to this place. Ever. That was so wrong, disrespectful and low to leave that chair out for us girls and guests to sit on. And no, I am no longer embarrassed that I sat down on it, I actually was for a second, wasn't sure if I was going to write about it or not........ BUT I didn't know about what had happened to that chair and I didn't do anything wrong, other girls sat on it too that day.
The people responsible for this happening should be ashamed. I cleaned myself off and I am still alive. It's in the past now.
Besides that, I am in Vegas - the sun is shining. I have people to see and things to do.
Life is good. 🙂

Monday, October 22. 2012

It's Over!

FINALLY! My ten long nights at Frank Day's are DONE. A complete waste of my time. I am never coming back here. And I do not like to say never, so I really hope I won't have to eat those words one day.
I am going to start my drive to Sioux Falls soon but first a blog.
My last night was........I am actually at loss for words......something happened that was SO absolutely DISGUSTING that I don't really want to write about it but I will anyways because it wasn't my fault. But I won't write about it now, check back later for that.
Here are some pics instead.......
Me about to enter "HELL". For the last time! :-D

Goofing around on stage......I look so tall when I wear my heels. Intimidates many......oh well, not my problem. To all the guys that are scared........grow some balls already!

With Renee. She liked me I think....... ;-)

This is what you have to shell out to enter. If you have a problem mustering up the $15 then please don't even bother going in!

And finally a pic of me and Bud. I took a pic with him last year too, here is a link to the entry with that pic.
Bud is very nice, he has been working at Frank Day's for 20 years. And guess what he told me my tonight? He said that in all his years at the club he never went out with a girl from there but he would make an exception for me. Awwwwww! Now I don't know if that's true.......that's just what Bud said. He said he thinks that I am a very nice and sweet girl. I remembered him last Christmas, I sent him a card and some chocolates.

But it's time to hit the road to Sioux Falls now, it takes about three hours. I am looking forward to a real latte at Starbucks. The drive should be ok, listening to talk radio all the way, NPR right now.

Saturday, October 20. 2012

There Were Even Some Tears......

Friday night over with, my feet are aching. I want to leave this place already. Not going to go into any details but tonight I felt SO fed up and so out of place that I actually cried. It takes much to make me cry at work, I am usually very strong. Had to leave the floor and go into the dressing room for about five minutes to regroup because the tears came. I don't think I've been propositioned this much, ever. And they don't take a polite no for an answer. A dance is "too expensive" but everybody wants to know if "I go out on dates" or even worse. Listen, if I would agree to go on "a date" at 2 AM after work it sure would cost you a heck of a lot more than the dance you can't afford. Actually, I am so fed up that I am tempted to put the Stardust platforms in a box and not dance ever again. Anyone out there that wants to buy two pairs of used stripper heels, size 8? I know that I will feel better tomorrow and the end is in sight now. The torture will be over soon.
So I took a few deep breaths in the dressing room, dried my eyes and went out on the floor again and now tonight is over and I can go to sleep.
I am ok with the situation as a whole. You live and learn, maybe something good is hidden as a message for me in this.
Ok, about to shower and sleep now........