Sweden 2014 - 2

Welcome to Chaos !!

Friday, June 20. 2014


It is Midsommar today.....a big holiday in Sweden. We (me and my brother) went to Tyresta By to watch the traditional festivities, such as the dancing around midsommarstången. A lot of people were gathered, there were Midsommar celebrations all over Sweden today, some are very nice.....like in a province called Dalarna.
I also met up with my friends Marie and Carmen. It was too cold out today to wear flip flops, I had a jacket with me but took it off to show off my new, cute and pink dress/tunic from the Swedish brand Odd Molly for the camera.

Me and Marie. ❤

Later in the evening me and my brother went into City to have dinner, he was in the mood for Indian food so we went to Indian Garden.

Now we are going to have a movie night.....with chips. While I'm writing this we are watching old Hot Boys videos.....remember Back That Ass Up, The Block Is Hot, I Got That Fire, Bling Bling......I love me some young Lil'Wayne and Juvenile.
Goodnight and Glad Midsommar from beautiful Stockholm, it is so gorgeous out that I get emotional and teary eyed at times when I walk through City......

Thursday, June 19. 2014

With My Friends

I had a full and productive day in the City today.....I love busy days. First I had to pick up my new passport, it says Europeiska Unionen Sverige Pass on the cover. Then I went to Vete-Katten, I am becoming a regular there. They are supposed to close down for a while soon so I am enjoying the place while I can.....

There was actually some turmoil in Gamla Stan (Old Town) today. I was there, many streets were blocked off, police and medics everywhere, lots of people were gathered to get a glimpse of whatever was going on. A man claiming to carry a bomb said he was not happy with some Swedish politics and barricaded himself in a building, after a several hour long standoff the man gave up. I think he had enough and decided it was fika time. Look it up.....there are plenty of pics online.....like this link.

Later in the afternoon I met with Monika and Ulrika. We ate at Chutney.

I gave them books. I love this book.....it's called Wild in English and Vild in Swedish, by Cheryl Strayed. I have given it away to quite a few people now. So if I gave you this book.....then that means I like you. 🙂 Unless I know that you are not a reader.....not everybody is after all.


Pics with my friends.....

When I got back home I started crying, I went into the bathroom so my brother couldn't see me. I am sad because I don't want to leave my family and my friends. My heart is breaking.
I hate goodbyes. I am going to cry every day until I leave and I will bawl on the plane. I am not looking forward to this....at all.

Wednesday, June 18. 2014

Växjö Recap

I took the train to Växjö last Saturday.....SJ (Statens Järnvägar). I lived in Växjö for a few years, when we moved there I was NOT happy at first, having to uproot and leave all my friends in Stockholm. Well, I made new friends.....and they are great! I have kept in touch with most of my friends in Sweden, we get along really well and there is no crazy drama and BS like I have encountered too many times with people in the US.
The train is a fast train....it only takes about 3 1/2 hours, Växjö is 334 kilometer away from Stockholm. I needed reading material on the train.....

I had a Småland beer upon arrival, Växjö is situated in Småland......one of Sweden's 25 landskap (provinces).

Later that evening, me and Rose-Marie (I stayed with her) met up our friend John and went to Condeco for some fika. Fika is a very Swedish concept.....everybody does it, well the people that I know at least. You can read more about it here

Me and John. He won several Judo championships. My personal bodyguard.

Then me and Rose-Marie continued on to mingle while John went his way.......I think he had a late night date.

The next day it was gorgeous and sunny out.....so we spent time outside.

Later on it was fika time again. We went to a very scenic place, Toftastrand. This time it was me and Rose-Marie, John and Pernilla. We sat there for about three hours and talked non stop.
Lots of discussions about politics, I loveeeee sharing thoughts and opinions. No need to agree on everything.....disagreeing and having lively discussions is great, we are still friends and learn from each other.

And then Monday came around faster than I wanted, we started with breakfast at Stadshotellet.

Later some more coffee......fika time! Of course.

Time goes by so fast. I think about that a lot. I didn't want to leave but I had to. And that was my Växjö recap. Of course not everything that I did......but some of it.

I hope that I will see my friends fairly soon again, I miss them already! ❤ ❤ ❤

Tuesday, June 17. 2014

Busy Tuesday

My days here are full from morning to night. I love it. I just got back from a short late night walk with my brother, we walked through the park and played on the playground. I think we are going to Gröna Lund tomorrow, he wants to make a day out of it.....he is insisting.
Today I got up at 9, washed my hair and went into City. Had lunch at Vete-Katten, today a delicious soup (fänkålssoppa) and fresh baked bread with real butter.....I think everything tastes better here. The butter and the cheese.....so good! Ended my lunch with a regular cup of coffee today and some reading of Svenska Dagbladet. Every day should start like this.
At least for me.

Then I went to buy a book I have been eying. And good that I bought it today, it was the last copy. I'm very happy with it. Old Swedish folktales about princesses with long blonde hair, trolls, princes, dark forests......and very beautiful illustrations by John Bauer. I will treasure this book! ❤

Then I took pendeltåget home, changed clothes, brushed my teeth, freshened up and went into City again to meet up with my cousin Angelika that I haven't seen in ages. We had dinner at Indian Garden. Then we had some coffee at at different place. It was great to see her again. :-D

Sunday, June 15. 2014

Friday, June 13. 2014

Tyresta By

Met up my friends Monika and Carmen in City. Ate at Gunnarsons, I had to have the rhubarb pie with the vanilla creme again.....I'm suspecting I'm filling out but whatever, I am in Sweden eating delicious food. So I will most definitely go back here for more pie.

After that Carmen drove me to Tyresta By. That is a very special place. First of all, we both spent a lot of time there as children so we have many memories from that place. And Tyresta By is also amazingly gorgeous.

"Only 20 kilometres from the centre of Stockholm lies one of the most unspoilt areas of natural beauty in central Sweden – Tyresta National Park and Nature Reserve. The park extends over almost 5,000 hectares. It has been protected to preserve its exceptional natural values and to safeguard its importance for recreation. You can find primeval forest here with pine trees that are 400 years old, clear forest lakes and a large number of unusual plants and animals. You can also see broad-leaved deciduous woodland, open arable land and historical buildings of cultural interest.
A typical feature of primeval woodland is the great number of plant and animal species. Up to 8.000 species of animals can be found here which is four times as many as in exploited forests!" (from Wikipedia).

It was kind of cold and rainy at Tyresta By so I didn't take too many pics. Then we drove to out to our friend Madeleine that I haven't seen in a very long time. I have known Carmen and Madeleine since 2nd grade, we used to spend a lot of time together. It's great to have friends like that! Madeleine lives in one of the cutest houses I have ever stepped my foot in with six dogs and her daughter. I was very impressed!

Now I am home on the couch. I have to shower, wash my hair and get ready for bed. I am getting up at 7 am and leaving for Växjö tomorrow morning to meet my friend Rose-Marie and some other people. 🙂