With My Friends

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With My Friends

I had a full and productive day in the City today.....I love busy days. First I had to pick up my new passport, it says Europeiska Unionen Sverige Pass on the cover. Then I went to Vete-Katten, I am becoming a regular there. They are supposed to close down for a while soon so I am enjoying the place while I can.....

There was actually some turmoil in Gamla Stan (Old Town) today. I was there, many streets were blocked off, police and medics everywhere, lots of people were gathered to get a glimpse of whatever was going on. A man claiming to carry a bomb said he was not happy with some Swedish politics and barricaded himself in a building, after a several hour long standoff the man gave up. I think he had enough and decided it was fika time. Look it up.....there are plenty of pics online.....like this link.

Later in the afternoon I met with Monika and Ulrika. We ate at Chutney.

I gave them books. I love this book.....it's called Wild in English and Vild in Swedish, by Cheryl Strayed. I have given it away to quite a few people now. So if I gave you this book.....then that means I like you. šŸ™‚ Unless I know that you are not a reader.....not everybody is after all.


Pics with my friends.....

When I got back home I started crying, I went into the bathroom so my brother couldn't see me. I am sad because I don't want to leave my family and my friends. My heart is breaking.
I hate goodbyes. I am going to cry every day until I leave and I will bawl on the plane. I am not looking forward to this....at all.

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  1. Annette on :

    I understand.........Chhaya will lick away the tears....
  2. TATIANA Post author on :

    Yes....I know....but still. And I miss Chhaya too and that too makes me sad.
  3. Annette on :

    Oh....... šŸ˜„ sometimes I cry almost the whole drive back to Mn which is 9 hrs.
  4. Mandy on :

    I was going to ask about a holiday shutdown but Google answered it for me. Apparently the Swedes love their vacation time. Lots of Fika!
    All that good food you get to eat! That alone would be sad to leave. You'd think IKEA would get it together and offer some of that green cake.
    I watched a documentary about a group of artists hiking the John Muir trail of the PCT called Mile...Mile & a Half . After reading the Wild book and watching that movie, it might make you want to do a little hike. :-D

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