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It is Midsommar today.....a big holiday in Sweden. We (me and my brother) went to Tyresta By to watch the traditional festivities, such as the dancing around midsommarstången. A lot of people were gathered, there were Midsommar celebrations all over Sweden today, some are very nice.....like in a province called Dalarna.
I also met up with my friends Marie and Carmen. It was too cold out today to wear flip flops, I had a jacket with me but took it off to show off my new, cute and pink dress/tunic from the Swedish brand Odd Molly for the camera.

Me and Marie. ❤

Later in the evening me and my brother went into City to have dinner, he was in the mood for Indian food so we went to Indian Garden.

Now we are going to have a movie night.....with chips. While I'm writing this we are watching old Hot Boys videos.....remember Back That Ass Up, The Block Is Hot, I Got That Fire, Bling Bling......I love me some young Lil'Wayne and Juvenile.
Goodnight and Glad Midsommar from beautiful Stockholm, it is so gorgeous out that I get emotional and teary eyed at times when I walk through City......

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