Busy Tuesday

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Busy Tuesday

My days here are full from morning to night. I love it. I just got back from a short late night walk with my brother, we walked through the park and played on the playground. I think we are going to Gröna Lund tomorrow, he wants to make a day out of it.....he is insisting.
Today I got up at 9, washed my hair and went into City. Had lunch at Vete-Katten, today a delicious soup (fänkålssoppa) and fresh baked bread with real butter.....I think everything tastes better here. The butter and the cheese.....so good! Ended my lunch with a regular cup of coffee today and some reading of Svenska Dagbladet. Every day should start like this.
At least for me.

Then I went to buy a book I have been eying. And good that I bought it today, it was the last copy. I'm very happy with it. Old Swedish folktales about princesses with long blonde hair, trolls, princes, dark forests......and very beautiful illustrations by John Bauer. I will treasure this book! ❤

Then I took pendeltåget home, changed clothes, brushed my teeth, freshened up and went into City again to meet up with my cousin Angelika that I haven't seen in ages. We had dinner at Indian Garden. Then we had some coffee at at different place. It was great to see her again. :-D

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  1. Marie on :

    Jag gillar verkligen bilden på dig å boken och den med din kusin. Saknar dig å hoppas du mår bra i det tyvärr regniga vädret Stockholm bjuder på idag. Massor av kramar. Marie.
  2. TATIANA Post author on :

    Jag uppskattar regnet for jag har det så bra här i Stockholm nu.....
    Saknar dig med Hebbeck. Vi ses idag hoppas jag!

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