Time To Dance

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Time To Dance

What do you do when the sun goes down in Black Rock City? The party is just starting.....I like to dance. In fact I LOVE to dance. I found Dancetronauts again this year.....
Dancetronauts moves around on the Playa. Nice looking go-go dancers too.

This place is badass. I missed out on Hernan Cattaneo and Dj Dan earlier in the week, I arrived Wednesday instead of Monday as I had first planned. I changed my ticket.....why I will explain later. I have a few fave dj's, Hernan I would had liked to see but I think the music is really good at Burning Man, regardless of what dj is on, if you don't like it you just move to next place.

I have seen many dj booths but I think this one might take the price for the coolest one. If I was a dj, this would had been my dream dj booth.

There is one place I HAVE to visit every night, Planet Earth. An inside club that plays mostly 80's stuff.....I love Planet Earth! Lots of interesting people in there showing off their jerky 80's dance moves. I suspect the club is named after Duran Duran's song with the same name. Check out the video and you will get a sense about what Planet Earth is about. It's freakin' awesome and they have a bar where you get all the free booze you want.

Here I am super happy and ready to have FUUUUUUN!!!!! Time to dance!

I also went to an hour long ABBA dance party. There's nothing like loudly singing along to ABBA songs in a room full of other ABBA lovers. Yes, I know most ABBA songs, I grew up singing them......

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  1. mandy on :

    Did u say....free booze?! Can't wait till next year. I heard riding a bike while drunk is the funnest.
  2. TATIANA Post author on :

    Yep....free booze....as much as you wish.
    Biking while tipsy sounds fun, I'm in!

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