Black Rock City Experience

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Black Rock City Experience

I'm not quite done yet with my Black Rock City experience.....I have a few more pics to share.

If you know me then you know that I don't like littering and I care, or try to at for the environment. I mean if I was a true environmentalist I would not fly, so maybe next year I just bike to Burning Man? Yeah right, I'm hoping for an RV again! Well, I had to take a pic with this because it's so me and a few days later a couple of Black Rock City Earth Guardian volunteers came up to me and gave me a green bracelet and appointed me a Black Rock City Earth Guardian. That's right! Speaking of volunteering, so far I have arrived at Burning Man and enjoyed everything that was there, so generously awaiting me, at my fingertips. I might volunteer next year. MIGHT. Do not hold me to it but I have an idea of what I want to volunteer for! Leave No Trace, a message to live by everywhere you go!

This was the first's been 24 days already since that first day. Going into Center Camp. Me from the front.

And the back.

Mooooore pics of me and......stuff.

At the deep Playa I found a very interesting medicine cabinet. A free for all fest. All kinds of goodies, I grabbed fistfuls.

I stopped at the Census wall of information, lots of interesting stuff to read. And I even completed the Black Rock City Census this year.

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  1. mandy on :

    Nudity scene...awww yeeeah.
  2. TATIANA Post author on : will be a long leash for you.

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