Japan - 3

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Sunday, May 7. 2023

Tokyo Tower

I met up with my friend Kazumi last week. The days have flown by and I am starting to feel that panicky feeling in my stomach because this trip will be coming to an end soon.....and I don't want to leave. ðŸ˜¥
I have know Kazumi for like 20 years. We met at the Stratosphere in Las Vegas where we worked as hostesses. The years too have flown by....I don't want to think about that either. More panicky feelings.
We took this picture and in the background to the right of me you can see Tokyo Tower.

Kazumi took me sightseeing and we went to Tokyo Tower. It is the second tallest structure in Tokyo. Very pretty as you can see. Like a jewel.

Afterwards we slowly strolled around and talked. Ended up at a restaurant called Orangé and I had the best crème brulée I've ever had (hazelnut chocolate brulee). And our waiter was super cute.....and super nice. I want to go back so I can stare at him some more and have more crème brulée. Maybe he wants a girlfriend? 


Friday, May 5. 2023

Tokyo Starbucks

There are many places to get coffee in Tokyo. Starbucks is everywhere here and dominates the market but of course there are other coffee chains as well. And plenty of other non chains. The other day I got a café au lait from a man with a small coffee shop, just one table inside and he plays jazz records on vinyl in there. I didn't not take any pictures of the place (I regret that now) but his cafe is located in Higashikouenji. Worth a visist if you are into jazz.....and coffee.
I got a delicious latte at Prolog in Sasazuka - look how pretty!

I tried a latte from a coffe machine at a 7-Eleven, not bad.

A couple of days ago I met up with my friend Kazumi and we got some Starbucks at the Tsutaya/Ginza 6 location.
SUPER FANCY location, can't be compared to any Starbucks I have been to before. An experiece in itself. It said no photos.....so I obliged. There was a small art exhibit off to the corner, I snuck a pic there.

I like the Starbucks meny better here in Tokyo, more choices that I like of everything. Like the tea lattes for example.....I even saw one location that offered Earl Grey tea latte AND English Breakfast tea latte. 

The Melon of Melon is back for the summer.

And in a few days you can get a Strawberry Frappucino.

You can get oatmilk if that is what you prefer, which I do. The staff is super polite. The Starbucks here are clean. 
Nobody (as in the guests) act rude. Yes, you get WiFi at Starbucks in Tokyo as well. My venti iced oatmilk latte was 580 yen. You pay a little more if you opt to sit at the location (as a table fee). They also have tableside baskets for your purse/briefcase, I like that a lot as well. It is an overall much better experience at a Tokyo Starbucks than in a US Starbucks. (Is anybody suprised over that fact?)

To end this coffee entry, look at this vintage coffee bean grinder. Beautiful!

Full Moon Over Tokyo

I really wanted to see the moon rise, since it is a full moon right now. Where does one go to see the full moon over Tokyo? Keio Plaza Hotel is one place you can do some moon viewing, up on the 45th floor at the Aurora Sky Lounge. We made a reservation the day before just to be sure to have a table.
You get wet napkins here in Japan before you eat so you can wipe your hands, at some places they give you small warm towels. I like this practice a lot.

A small glimpse of the view of this city that 37 million plus people call home, mindblowing.
Depending on where you read the numbers, some sites say that 39 million people live in Tokyo. Regardless.....the most populated city in the world. 

The moon.....the moon!

We ordered a drink each, very yummy (of course) and I had a waffle with vanilla ice cream.

More of the moon.

And a blurry picture of the moon.

With my new friend Miku. â¤ï¸

Wednesday, May 3. 2023

The Deer Of Nara

There are deer (sika deer) roaming free all over Nara Park, this entry is dedicated to the deer of Nara. They are friendly and you can feed them with special deer crackers you can purchase at the park. Also the deer are considered to be messengers of the gods and used to be deemed sacred but are now national treasures.
Since I love animals I very much enjoyed being surrounded by cute deers.

Of course they need love and kisses too, not only deer crackers. Thank You cute deer of Nara! Arigatou! â¤ï¸

Nara Park

The other day we took a roadtrip to Nara Park which is in Nara City. It took about seven hours to get there by car.
Good Morning beautiful Japan!

It is Golden Week in Japan and many people are off because it is a national holiday. The weather is fully cooperating and it is gorgeous outside. And another thing I have to say is that there is lots of green here as in trees, plants, flowers. Even in Tokyo amongst the buildings. I will say it again.....Japan is beautiful.
The steering wheel is located on the right side in cars and you drive on the left-hand side of the road.

Welcome to Nara Park.

We started at Tōdai-ji Temple (Great Eastern Temple) a World Heritage Site and VERY impressive.

Inside the Big Buddha Hall you find Buddha seated (15 meters tall) with a Bodhisattava on each side.

Many more shrines and so much to see at this place. Nara Park is easily a full day adventure from the time the park opens until it closes. LOTS to see.

Hand rinsing areas for upon entering the shrines.

The Kasuga-taisha shrine.

I feel extremely grateful that I got to see this AMAZING place. Seriously....amazing! Again, so grateful. Domo arigato gozaimasu!

And since it is Golden Week here in Japan the Japanese too are enjoying time off. Nara Park had lots of school children visiting and I got approached by this group of cute and giggling students from Kyoto conducting an English practice assignment. I got asked where I am from (another galaxy of course), how I like Japan (I ❤️Japan), my favorite Japanese food (dessert) and my favorite anime (I said Hello Kitty, although she is a character and not an anime).

Saturday, April 29. 2023

Koffee Mameya Kakeru

I enjoyed a true connoiseur style coffee tasting experience at Koffee Mameya Kakeru. I picked the Signature Koffee Mameya Course which involves three steps.

The baristas here wear white lab coats and are true professionals at their craft. First a cold brew and a cold brew mocktail. Some chocolate from Peru.
I commented on the beautiful glass ware and was told that it was especially designed for the place.

Then a milk brew (they had a delicious oat milk) and a milk brew mocktail with a slice of amazing bread from a special bakery.

The grind used for the third step - the pour over. I had the candy raspberry coffee.

This experience is a rare one of a kind treat for coffee lovers!