Nara Park

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Nara Park

The other day we took a roadtrip to Nara Park which is in Nara City. It took about seven hours to get there by car.
Good Morning beautiful Japan!

It is Golden Week in Japan and many people are off because it is a national holiday. The weather is fully cooperating and it is gorgeous outside. And another thing I have to say is that there is lots of green here as in trees, plants, flowers. Even in Tokyo amongst the buildings. I will say it again.....Japan is beautiful.
The steering wheel is located on the right side in cars and you drive on the left-hand side of the road.

Welcome to Nara Park.

We started at Tōdai-ji Temple (Great Eastern Temple) a World Heritage Site and VERY impressive.

Inside the Big Buddha Hall you find Buddha seated (15 meters tall) with a Bodhisattava on each side.

Many more shrines and so much to see at this place. Nara Park is easily a full day adventure from the time the park opens until it closes. LOTS to see.

Hand rinsing areas for upon entering the shrines.

The Kasuga-taisha shrine.

I feel extremely grateful that I got to see this AMAZING place. Seriously....amazing! Again, so grateful. Domo arigato gozaimasu!

And since it is Golden Week here in Japan the Japanese too are enjoying time off. Nara Park had lots of school children visiting and I got approached by this group of cute and giggling students from Kyoto conducting an English practice assignment. I got asked where I am from (another galaxy of course), how I like Japan (I ❤️Japan), my favorite Japanese food (dessert) and my favorite anime (I said Hello Kitty, although she is a character and not an anime).

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