There Were Even Some Tears......

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There Were Even Some Tears......

Friday night over with, my feet are aching. I want to leave this place already. Not going to go into any details but tonight I felt SO fed up and so out of place that I actually cried. It takes much to make me cry at work, I am usually very strong. Had to leave the floor and go into the dressing room for about five minutes to regroup because the tears came. I don't think I've been propositioned this much, ever. And they don't take a polite no for an answer. A dance is "too expensive" but everybody wants to know if "I go out on dates" or even worse. Listen, if I would agree to go on "a date" at 2 AM after work it sure would cost you a heck of a lot more than the dance you can't afford. Actually, I am so fed up that I am tempted to put the Stardust platforms in a box and not dance ever again. Anyone out there that wants to buy two pairs of used stripper heels, size 8? I know that I will feel better tomorrow and the end is in sight now. The torture will be over soon.
So I took a few deep breaths in the dressing room, dried my eyes and went out on the floor again and now tonight is over and I can go to sleep.
I am ok with the situation as a whole. You live and learn, maybe something good is hidden as a message for me in this.
Ok, about to shower and sleep now........

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  1. Mark on :

    I read your blog a bit when you emailed it to me & then had some time tonight to read some more. Your personality really comes through & it's as I remember you - very strong and very sweet.
    I read your most recent blog post - I really hope a bunch of guys with no manners & no respect don't break you down.
    Sending positive vibes from a foggy new york...

  2. TATIANA Post author on :

    I will be fine. Thank You for reading, commenting and the positive vibes from my fave city!
  3. Hayley on :

    Oh no!! I was worried about this! ....Please hang in there!!!! You have my number. I'm still in Alaska, because I bought property in across from Homer, and I've been gigging playing my music (my flute) with a bunch of musicians! Come home....Hayley xoxo
  4. TATIANA Post author on :

    Hi Hayley! I am done - worked my 10 nights here.
    Congratulations on the property and playing your flute!
    I will be back in AK soon.
    Take care!
  5. Bella on :

    Hi Tatiana-
    so sorry to hear about Hell, SD. Almost over!
    I really admire you for sticking to your standards and working through the week. Hang in there and I hope u enjoy Vegas!!!
  6. TATIANA Post author on :

    Thank You Bella!
    : )
  7. Mr B on :

    Dear Ms. T,
    I would buy the pink shoes. Sorry about the tough night.
    I was hoping it would have been one of the fun ones. Kudos for keeping your cool and remaining a Supernova.
  8. TATIANA Post author on :

    You are always nice Mr B!
    : )
  9. Claudia on :

    The customers NEED to be reminded they are at a strip club and not a BROTHEL!! There is a big difference from EROTIC and SLEAZY!! WTF!! xoxxo
  10. Tom on :

    Claudia, when you have the likes of Teri Weigel [Stripper/Pornstar/Prostitute] openly available and looking for customers for her full service. Some guys think all the strippers are available for the same! And Teri is the main stay now at Frank Days Bar and the hunting lodges!

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