No Words......Just GROSS

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No Words......Just GROSS

Last year when I worked at Frank Day's it was totally unplanned. I was actually booked at Scarlett O'Haras in Sioux Falls for two weeks and after a week I've had enough because the club was slow with no money to be made. When you travel for work you can't be at a club making $100 - 200/night. With that kind of money I might as well stay home and have no expenses related to the travel.
So my friend Kiko told me about Frank Day's and I went there. Worked seven nights and did alright. I came late in the season, everybody told me it had slowed down and that I should come back next year for the opening of the pheasant hunting season. So I did return this year and decided to come about one week early. I asked the owner twice if it would even be WORTH my time coming a week early and she said that she did have large groups of guys coming in and that there should be money to be made. Well, that was a mistake. Friday - Wednesday, a whole six nights were awful. I mean, I was expecting at least $300/night on the slower nights. Not under $100. That is unacceptable. And the other girls working didn't make any money either, with the exception of one that supposedly got paid to hang out and acted very lovey-dovey with some guy. And I don't work like that anyways, I like to do many lap dances in between my stages for many different people. Certainly not act like somebody's date, hang out all night, maybe even during the day and after work and exchange numbers.
Different strokes for different folks. I've heard that many girls were mislead to believe that there is LOTS of money there before the official start of the season. NOT OK! Because that is not true, unless you get "lucky" and you can't count on that. So when Thursday came around I had far from what I had expected to have with four nights left to try to make up for it. And out of the four, I did ok three of them and bad one night.
It's just NOT my kind of club. Many of the guys that visit Frank Day's are kind of rowdy, many are rude, drunk and expect way too much from you. They like girls who act wild on stage, lots of crotch diving, flipping VAGINES (no panties) and asses in people's faces on the stage.
I mean literally, in their face WITH two way contact. Boob touching on the stage. Sorry but that is NOT how I dance. I am more of the soft, pretty, feminine dancer.
Girls were simulating BJ's on beer bottles and in between guys legs. Sure, that's "entertaining" maybe - but it's not me. I stay on the stage, don't get off it during my songs and if you have been reading my blog for a while - well then you know that my lap dances don't include anything that would make me feel uncomfortable and that includes having my boobs groped. I would not like to have many different guys touch my boobs with different variations of groping every time I work. My boobs are sensitive and I want to save those moments for the person I have a relationship with, when I do.
I did a dance at Frank Day's for a guy and he wanted to BITE my nipple. And got kind of upset when I refused. I don't think that every girl dancing in there would let him do that (I certainly hope not) sometimes the guys try whatever just to see what they can get away with. But most people I encountered in there (the guys) thought I was shy or stuck up. Fine. I was totally out of my element. And so many of them wanted to meet up after work. I saw things that made me cringe and I felt sad at times. I think dancing (stripping) can be done in a very beautiful and sensual way without having to act vulgar. I've had many people compliment me on my dancing before saying that it is like "art" and beautiful. I like to keep it fun, flirty, sexy, cute, pretty - NOT vulgar and/or porno looking. And like I said earlier......different strokes for different folks. I can only be me. Here some girls were flashing guys off the stage, just pulling their underwear down and bending over on the floor - hoping to get a dance like that.
Other girls did dances out on the floor for small tips. One girl was standing by the DJ booth while some guy was sucking on her boob. I already told you in a previous blog about the boob sucking on stage. Some girl was sitting on a guys lap around a large round table in the dining area, while he pulled her top to the side and played with her nipple. With all of that going on - why buy dances? There IS money to be made here. Some girls did really well the last three nights I worked. I am talking amounts between $1200 - 3000 each night. Good for them, I am happy that they made that. I didn't but that's ok. Well, of course I wish I would had made lots of money too, that would had been nice if I would had left South Dakota with a nice chunk of change but I can only work the way I am comfortable with. In fact I made more that first week I was at Frank Day's last year than I did in my ten nights combined this time around. And although I thought the place was the craziest place I ever worked at was even crazier this time around. So if you are ok with working in a very hands on club, flipping your VAGINE in guys faces, acting wild and rowdy.....then this might be the club for you.
Do not come before the pheasant hunting season begins. Come a day early and go to work. You don't have to be that pretty, decent looking is ok as long as you act wild and and hustle good. I did work with a couple of very pretty girls.
Naomi - OMG, one of the prettiest girls I have ever seen. And I told her this, I give out compliments freely. Got her number too. ;-)
Sway that I first met at Heartbreakers in Williston, also a very good looking girl.
There are also some porn stars (I guess) that work here, ladies that use a first and last name because they are known for other things than just dancing. I do have to say that we all got along and I made some new "friends". You know people that you get along with right then and there but that you might never or rarely see again and probably won't stay in touch with too much or at all. But the girls were nice, with a few exceptions.
When the pheasant hunting officially starts the club charges you $130 to work each night.
You have to agree in advance to how many nights you want to work and pay either all of it or half of it Friday night before midnight. The first week I was there, it was only $30 to work and trust me it should had been free, we weren't making any money! Friday night I had to pay $390 to work for my three remaining nights. So if you want to stay 10 nights once the season starts it's $1300, you have to pay half of it upfront. Some girls refused to do that and went night by night instead and I heard that they got away with it, good. I don't think a club should charge upfront like that. Other girls payed upfront but wanted to go home because they didn't like it and got told they wouldn't get any refunds. Hmmmmmm........that's kind of brutal. Also, you have the give the club $10 for every dance you do.
And remember that I mentioned that I got so fed up/upset that I cried a little Friday night? Well, I wasn't the only one crying that night, I found out later that three other girls were sad that night too. LOL. Kind of funny. We were all weeping. Sad stripper party!
Where do you stay? Find a room early. The owner has trailers for the girls. I stayed in one last year, I did not want to experience that again this year so I got a room at the Parkside Motel in Gregory. Nothing luxurious but it has what you need, shower, bed, tv, fridge. $40/night.
The bed is large so you can travel with a friend and split the cost.
I heard that Burke has a motel too. Both Burke and Gregory are close enough to the club. Also, ask around. The staff has rooms for rent too.
The DJs were super nice and funny. They like mostly country and rock here with an emphasis on the country. I still played some Rihanna, Ellie Goulding and Deadmau5. When the season starts and the club gets filled up with people they open up another area called the Tiki Room. This is another room with a long stage with two poles. Half of the girls will be in the main area and the other half in the Tiki Room. Once you have been assigned your location you are stuck there for the rest of the night. The Tiki Room was badly lit, reminded me of a large shed but many girls like it more because it resembles a strip club more compared to the main area which concludes of two rooms, the dining area and bar with the jukebox and people dancing two step and the room with the main stage and girls dancing. Also the stage in the Tiki Room needs to get cleaned, there are spider webs hanging from the ceiling, the dressing room is very small and full of spider webs too. I don't like that you can't move in between the two areas. That means you are missing out on money. Saturday was my best night whereas another girl had her worse night that night and she is a money maker, expecting to be making a lot this season, she has been returning for years. She got stuck in the room with no money. One night while on stage I put my hand through my hair and felt something. I had a bug or a fly in my hair, I shook it off and it crawled across the stage. Another girl got a fly in her mouth. Yuck! to the disgusting part.......
IT IS SO GROSS !!!!! Saturday night, close to the end of the night the club started smelling like shit. It was bad, I mentioned that in a previous blog. Actually every night I was there somebody decided to rip ass, like foul ass. So absolutely disgusting. Keep your assholes shut please. Anyways......I asked another girl if she could smell how bad it stunk in the whole place and she said that she could, as we looked at each other in horror.
Sunday I had to be in at 5 PM, the place opens at noon, it's a bar and a restaurant too, many people stop in here for a meal. Girls come in to work as early as noon sometimes. Well, it was slow so I sat at the bar for a while. I always sit on a towel.
I got bored and went into the dressing room and while I was talking to another girl, Sway actually, I could feel that horrid poop smell again. So I asked her if she could smell it too and I told her that it smelled like that last night and that is was gross. So she told me that some old man shat his pants at the bar late Saturday night and that people were VOMITING because it stunk so bad, I mean I could smell it from the other room. When he got up from the chair he had diarrhea all over the back of his pants while he walked out of the club. Then she kind of yelled out, "He was sitting in the chair you were just sitting in while he pooped himself." OMG OMG OMG, I FREAKED OUT!!!! We both did. I picked up my towel that I had been sitting on, got a whiff - sure smelled like that diarrhea smell from last night. I ripped off my panties, almost started crying. Sway handed me baby wipes, I got sanitizer and started to frenetically wipe down my backside, my legs........while just wanting to cry. I have never in my life experienced anything like this. Turns out that Jen, one of the managers, thought it was a good idea to KEEP the fucking chair that had poop all over it, a chair with a cloth cover.
A cloth cover soaks up stuff. She just sprayed it down with Lysol, my friend witnessed it. HELLOOOOO!!!!!!????? This is a FUCKING restaurant too, people EAT here. HEALTH CODE anyone? How the fuck are you knowingly going to let girls sit in that contaminated chair all afternoon without saying anything?
I was LIVID!!!! I told Jen and they took the chair out. I said I wanted money for my ruined underwear and it took about three hours and I got handed a $20 and an apology. Mind you, I was not the only girl that day sitting in that chair, others did too......then we went on stage, sat down in other chairs, other guests of the bar sat in it too. Spreading feces bacteria around.........How wrong is that? I still can't believe that they kept that chair, I can't believe this happened to me......! I am a very clean person. One girl that works there doesn't usually wear any panties, just a big belt with a large buckle barely covering her VAGINE, she sits around all night long on those chairs with her bare ass and lady bits. I am SO grateful for my towel, I never sit down without a towel under my butt. Of course I threw it away and the panties.
And guess what? That old man supposedly shat his pants a week earlier in there, I wonder if he was sitting down then too or did it standing up? And to make it even worse......he returned to the club Sunday night, back sitting at the bar. FUCKING GROSS! I don't care that he is old and might be demented or sick, that is a health violation and hazard. They should give him some adult diapers and tell him to put one on and not come back until he can control his bowel movements. Do YOU want to go out dining and be exposed to somebody shitting themselves next to you? Or even better, get seated in a chair that has shit on it, by the staff that is aware of that fact? WTF!!!!????
That right there really made me certain that there is no way in hell I am ever returning to this place. Ever. That was so wrong, disrespectful and low to leave that chair out for us girls and guests to sit on. And no, I am no longer embarrassed that I sat down on it, I actually was for a second, wasn't sure if I was going to write about it or not........ BUT I didn't know about what had happened to that chair and I didn't do anything wrong, other girls sat on it too that day.
The people responsible for this happening should be ashamed. I cleaned myself off and I am still alive. It's in the past now.
Besides that, I am in Vegas - the sun is shining. I have people to see and things to do.
Life is good. πŸ™‚

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  1. Bella on :

    Hi Tatiana,
    I just read your blog about the omg gross guy? !!!! WTF with the cheap owner taking ALL that tip out and not throwing out the chair?!!! She is just... I'm speachless! Ew! I think she should be reported to the health department!! It took the bitch 3 hours to give u 20? She should have REFUNDED your payout for the rest of the week, IMO. Dysentary, anyone? That place needs to be SHUT DOWN!
  2. TATIANA Post author on :

    I agree.....with everything you said!
    : )
  3. Tom on :

    Was there two nights! Boy does that sound like Pornstars/Prostitute/Playmate Teri Weigel in that lovey dovey – date description. Even the loud, wild, raunchy part you spoke of, she mentioned she likes to be the center of attention. She said, she is the main attraction at Frank Days Bar and most guys come to see/want her! She told us she even has a lingerie store their now at Frank Days Bar too.

    From chatting, Teri claims she is pulling in big money, and she does provide everything, but anal in her service! The nights I was there she was always was looking for someone to pay for her for the night. My buddy actually took her up on the full sex service she provides out of the club. Even though you can get quite a bit from Teri Weigel in the club, which many guys did get. It definitely is a dingy, gross kind of place. Go there if you want get drunk and chase loose women, for a price!
  4. TATIANA Post author on :

    Yes, Teri does like the attention. She claims that she loves what she does and good for her I guess. And yes, she does have a small area in the back where she sells some lingerie, panties, dresses and some of her movies.
    As far as most guys coming into see her.....and she being the main, I don't know about that. I am sure she has guys that come in for her, like her regulars or clients or whatever I should call them but HELLO we are talking about a very small place in South Dakota here, not New York City or Vegas. I personally think that some other girls were way better looking than Teri in there, although I do think she looks great (still) but I prefer the more natural look myself. Teri can be too much for some to handle as she is very aggressive on stage although quite entertaining. And yes, I agree with what you say, it is a dingy, gross kind of place.
  5. Tom on :

    Seen Teri a few times at different places. She is IMHO way too aggressive with customer at Club's. She may like to perform like that, but she seems like she is taking out her anger on customers! I saw her break a guy’s glasses and she didn't even bother to check on him. Surprised she has never had someone take action against her.

    As you say, I too like the nature look! Teri Weigel has a rougher, harder and jaded look now, but still a looker. Wonder how she will look with her tattoo's she said she was getting.

    She may claim she loves what she is doing, even the full service sex she provides, but with Teri it always comes back to money. While I was there she really wanted guys to purchase her for the night for the big bucks! Back to the Lodge too!

    By the way she really claims it's her home place Frank Days Bar, see her tour page at her website - schedule. After her tour information, and the one on one stuff she does have photos from there.

    Sorry to hear you won't be going back to Frank Days Bar next year. Cody's maybe, I'd like to see you dance!
  6. TATIANA Post author on :

    No, I am not interested in dancing at Cody's. No more Dallas SD for me. There are other places to dance......I can have my pick.
    : )
  7. Toni on :

    Tatiana, since you sorta know Teri Weigel, is she married?
  8. TATIANA Post author on :

    Hi. No, I do not know Teri. I have never hung out with her. I have worked at Frank Day's with her, that's it.
    I don't know whether she is married or not. If she has a boyfriend or not. Plus, I do not give out personal info like that anyways. You have to ask Teri......or look at her website.
    : )
  9. Toni on :

    I did just that, checked out her Twitter feed and website. It says both, that she is married and she is divorced. She has been married for something like 26 years, so the whole thing is weird.

    I have read Teri can be a real hand full. Especially if not treated like a star! How did you like working with her?

    I understand buy outs are a big thing at Frank Days Bar; the big hitters there Teri Weigel, Trina Taylor, Stephanie Stalls and Sondra Saxon are doing it quite a bit! They claim that is where the big money is.

    Thanks for providing such a great insight into your travels!
  10. TATIANA Post author on :

    I liked working with Teri, she is entertaining. I am not sure what you mean by "buy outs". If that means, get paid to leave with somebody.....well I don't do that. You must be very familiar with Frank Day's since you mention those four ladies and spelled their names correctly......
    ; )
    I think you might be a dancer.......
  11. Toni on :

    Yeah, Teri Weigel wears out her welcome every where she has been and always has problems all the time. Trina is a nice working girl, but not as familiar with the others. Only Teri has been well known and open about being a hooker for a long, long time. Buy outs = paid hookers for the night! You must have seen some that going on there!
  12. TATIANA Post author on :

    Well, I heard that "the real party" started after work at the lodges.....but since I declined every offer I got to hang out after work I did not see any of it.
    But anyways, I don't think I am returning there......too crazy and dirty for my taste. To each their own. You can search for Teri and Frank Day's in the search bar in the blog to find all the entries I wrote about that place, I have some from 2011 too.
    : )
  13. Ruffie on :

    Things haven't changed in 2016! October 2nd weekend. "my soon to be significant other" went to Dallas. He dumped a lot of money there in the VIP room they tell me at $150 a pop doing doubles and a tip. He was pulling $20's out of his pocket like there was no tomorrow. Half of that was my money. I was told that for the right amount of money anything goes in the back room. The same goes for Cody's next door. He tells me that NOTHING goes on In the rooms...LOL! The dancers are all over him...blacks and Asians especially! He is the problem! But they tell me human trafficking is illegal as is prostitution and it is happening right there. He has even been in the trailer house behind the bldg.
    This is the cause of a business failing and a relationship going under. People were watching and they can say what happens there stays there but NOT! Shelly tells him he is her best customer...I am sure he is! he has dumped a small fortune there watching girls screw them selves with a beer bottle. He says...she GAVE him a ass...he paid dearly for it as have we.
    I cant stand him when he comes back. He treats me bad before he goes. Its like he has to have an excuse. He tells me loves me. gives me a kiss and goes to the whorehouse. He used to throw his jeans in the front of the washer till he realized I used a bale hook or a pitchfork to put them in the washer. He has enough pussy juice on them they should stand alone. Now he does his own laundry and will be doing a lot more than that alone.
    He knows where all the strip houses are. He says they are all the same. He read your blog and said...that's fact...all of it. Thanks for facts!
  14. TATIANA Post author on :

    Hi Ruffie.
    I am sorry that your SO (significant other) spends his or your money on other ladies. Spending YOUR money if you are not there with him is WRONG. Some men have no respect, whether he spends the money in a strip club, legal brothel (there are legal brothels in Nevada) or at some random woman he meets at a bar somewhere.
    It often made me feel bad at work when guys would spend a lot of money they should be spending on their wife and children, I would only assume that they had enough money to cover their responsibilities and the entertainment.
    I have not been to that club (Frank Day's) in years, I will not go back ever (never say never but I really hope I will never go back there) since it is not a club for me. I did not fit in.
    I can honestly say that I have ALWAYS stuck to my personal boundaries and rules as a dancer and no matter how much money was offered or waved at me, I never took it if it meant doing something that would break the rules of the club or my rules.
    Yes, human trafficking is illegal and awful. I have personally not witnessed any human trafficking at any strip club although I am sure it exists.
    As far as women doing stuff for money, you can find people doing sexual stuff for money in a strip club and out of it as well.
    There is a higher chance that a guy will hook up with some random woman he meets a a bar throwing back drinks with than hooking up with a dancer that is only in the strip club working. Not every dancer is a prostitute, I know many dancers that would never go there. Like I said, better luck in a bar.
    I hope it works out for you......
  15. Ruffie on :

    Things haven't changed! My man went to Franks on Friday...dumped a lot of money and partied hearty...had to go back to feed the addiction on Saturday...same game.
    On Sunday his heart wouldn't take what he did....he died on Wednesday....oh well!
  16. TATIANA Post author on :

    I hope he left you $$$, a house and at least one good car.
  17. justinTYME on :

    your hubby died, june 14th? sorry to hear that.

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