Whispers Williston Update

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Whispers Williston Update

To all the ladies that are curious about working at club Whispers in Williston......here is some info for you.
The DJ that works at Whispers reads my blog.....mhmmmm, yes he does. 🙂
This is what he has to say....I am going to copy a comment he recently left to one of my entries about Whispers that I wrote earlier this year.
"Kinda have some insight for you hopefuls out there. I can speak for whispers in saying that business is picking up each day it gets colder. Not as many people want to be outside in the cold when its warmer and the scenery is much nicer inside. If you want to try to get booked, email a RECENT face pic and body pic along with your contact info to whispers.mh@gmail.com. The club actually offers housing if you don't want to spend almost $800-$900 for the week. If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at the above email address (whispersdj@gmail.com) and I will help any way I can. Hope this helps any and all who may be interested.
Whispers DJ (yes they have one now lol).

And he wrote me an email too.....
"Hey Tatiana
Just wanted to say thank you again for the insight back in July about coming up here. Just wanted to give you an update, the stage area has been remodeled and the club now has two vip rooms that are making the girls even more money than the original dance room. No more tickets, lol, the girls keep all the money they make and have a flat rate house fee. Would love for you to come back up and check it out now that we have it on the right track :-)

I recall when I did work at Whispers last time, I did well (in case you wonder). One girl just hated me for some reason (jealous much?) and she knew about my blog before I had even met her and talked so much shit about me and this blog and said that I wrote things that were not true about the club. Actually I would NEVER do that, I take pride in writing in a very truthful way without exaggerating or lying. Look at it as journalism if you want. Of course it is from MY perspective, since I am writing about MY experiences. Well, she trash talked me to all the other girls and the staff and they would all glare at me and even talk shit. Whatever! I found that very comical.
I am way stronger than that. Then she, or somebody she trash talked me to, called Heartbreakers and told the manager that I have a blog and write negative things about clubs. Whoever made that phone call was hoping that I wasn't going to be allowed to work at Heartbreakers, where I was scheduled the week after Whispers. Well, little did she know that I was one of the first girls ever to work at Heartbreakers, hired by the owner Jared. We even went furniture shopping for the club together.
Writing a blog is not a crime, this is not China - I can write about what I want. It's so pathetic that girls like her try to sabotage for other girls. What sad individuals they must be, waking up every day with a miserable hangover. Spewing their trash over everybody in their way.
Also, many dancers write about clubs all over different online discussion forums. They discuss and talk bad about clubs, managers, DJs, house fees etc. Most of them hide behind a user name and an anonymous account. I have a very public blog. And I stand for my opinions. If you don't like what I have to say - then don't read my blog........ ;-)

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  1. tiffany on :

    Which one do you like the best?is it true the custos are aggressive??:/
  2. TATIANA Post author on :

    Hi Tiffany. Last time I worked in Williston, Whispers didn't have a dj, the club is "updated" now supposedly. Whispers is a larger club than Heartbreakers size wise.
    I recommend that you work one week at each club, back to back - then you can form your own opinion. No, I don' think they guys (customers) were aggressive, also there is plenty of security, so don't worry.
    : )
  3. Anonymous on :

    I want to but I have class monday-thursday:/do think they would let me book for the weekend?I'm from flint mi aka worst economy ever,and I'm looking for a good club that isn't terribly far from home.I noticed your already on the path I'm trying to get on,do you have any suggestions for me?
  4. TATIANA Post author on :

    You have to contact the club and see if they will hire you first and then see what they say about you only working the weekend.
  5. Marita Miranda on :

    Hi Tatiana how are you i have just send you a message asking you for more information of this club, im pretty interested plase feedback me =D, does this email still being the e-mail where we can send our pictures? whispers.mh@gmail.com , thanks, and thanks for your blog ; )

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