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Holiday House

The club I'm working at for the rest of the week (unless I decide to leave and go somewhere else for some reason) is called Holiday House. It is inside a sports bar of some sort so it's really not a "real" strip club and that is quite noticeable.
There are two stages, one which is one of the WORST stages I have ever seen. Just an elevated square with no pole, some slippery linoleum flooring, a low roof, I'm inches away from it when I stand up. There is absolutely HORRIBLE bright green and white lights that blink on and off and blind you and show off every stretch mark, scar, pimple, stray hair and cellulite. Lovely. I don't know of any girl that wants to have that on blast. I don't understand how some club owners think, do they not look at the stage and pay attention to something as crucial as lighting in the club? Everybody should know that lighting, even in a restaurant is important and sets the mood. Do I want to go on a stage and showcase my cellulite on my thighs? NO. And I have some. There are girls in there with stretch marks all over their stomachs and boobs and major cellulite and I cringe when I see that. It just doesn't look nice whatsoever. Think of a dressing room mirror with some very harsh lighting. Lights in a strip club should be soft and on the dark side (not too dark) and reddish. I'd rather go on stage with some regular 40 W light bulbs than lights that make any girl look worse, unless you are a skinny 13 year old.
The club over all is very trashy. I don't know what I was expecting..... a miracle perhaps? I did work in Dallas SD the last two years and that too was very trashy. I guess I hoped for some sort of improvement here, but no. The guys are nice but most of them, MOST not all, are blue collar couch potatoes that get away from home for a week to go hunting. Not professional at all. And this is a description told to me last night by a nice man that has been coming here for 30 something years. I think he summed it up fairly well. Lots of burping and farting. Not by me, by the guys. I KNOW, totally DISGUSTING! Why am I here again I wondered several times last night. One more week of torture.
I did meet a few very nice gentlemen. And that is refreshing. They thought so too by meeting me because to be quite frank, some of the girls working at the club are scary and lack any form of refinement. They think that dancing is basically crawling out on stage, get down on all fours and shake their jiggly rumps around. Um NO. Then they sit around and text on their phones and glare at the other girls (like me).
The first night was pretty bad but last night was decent money wise. I just hope it keeps up. So far I have seen about three or four pretty girls and the rest were basically trashy.
But everybody has different taste and some guys that go to strip clubs like the trashy look and behavior because they think that there might actually be a chance to get a girl that presents herself like that to go home with them. Plus they are trashy themselves sometimes.
Whereas a classy and nice looking girl is more out of their league and intimidating.
I stay in a picturesque trailer. Quite lovely if you are into the trailer life. LOL. I have a spartan room outfitted with one bed and some rusty hangers in the closet. The bed has a sheet.
I went out and bought my own pillow and asked for another sheet to cover myself with when I sleep. I might have to buy a blanket and don't want to sound cheap but I think that at least clean bedding should be provided for the girls that travel, so you don't need to bring that with you. Especially if they charge $40/night for the trailer life experience. I am going to try and negotiate that price, really $40? I mean, do I want to travel with pillows and blankets? Pay for an extra suitcase on top of the one I already checked? Not really. There are no locks on the bedroom doors, so I can't lock the door when I sleep or when I leave. I always bring my money, laptop and PRADA bag with me when I leave. There trailer also has a bunch of bugs. I'm not sure what they are but they fly. I take them outside but they come back. I also took out a spider from my room and a yellow jacket. I like animals but come on now!

Besides the insects, I share this quaint little trailer with three other ladies. One of them has to sleep on a bed in the living room/kitchen area. She is OK during the day, sleeps mostly but at night she gets completely WASTED and I take her back "home". She is amazed that I don't drink and I think to myself, thank God I don't because I would not want to look and act like you do around midnight. She stumbles around and mumbles. Hangs all over the guys that try to get rid of her. She told me she got fired from one of the clubs in Williston (Whispers) for drinking too much. No shit! And let me tell you, most people drink here and in Williston, so to drink too much.....that means you are WASTED, like I said. Last night on the rather uncomfortable ride home she stared at me the whole time then proceeded to sneeze 12 (yes, 12!!!) loud and wet sneezes back to back. GROSS. I wrapped my scarf even tighter around my face. She asked me if I was cold, I said yes.
The other two ladies are ghetto hood rats from Florida with no class whatsoever. One is very skinny with some bad bolt on boobs that she proudly displays all over the club (LOOK at me, I bought boobs!!.) Some girls here don't cover up when they leave the stage, they just let it all hang out. I mean, why not right? That would never happen at a more upscale club. She looks like she has been friendly with the pipe a lot in her life and I don't refer to a weed pipe now. The other one is a tall blonde with a big stomach. She has a bad attitude and I had to tell her off the first night because she acted inappropriate towards me. I really don't want to elbow anyone in the face and rearrange their teeth so I told the "house mom" that I didn't come all the way here for a bunch of lame drama. But if I have to I will use the elbow or a precisely placed round kick to her face if I have to. Really, don't fuck with me.
There are two girls working here that worked with me this past summer in Alaska. Me and another girl nicknamed them Alf and Oksana. Alf because she looks like Alf in the face.
And Oksana because she looks like she is strong enough to pull a plow. Or wrestle a bear.
When people drop a beer bottle or a glass on the floor in the club or when one of the dancers kick it over by accident while on stage, the mess does not get cleaned up. There are wet areas and broken glass on the floor and you have to be careful walking around so you don't slip and have an accident. To get up to the second level where the dances are done you have to climb up a steep spiral stair case that is downright an accident waiting to happen. Very bad idea. But like I said, this is some kind of a sports bar that gets turned into a make shift strip club during pheasant hunting season. As far as any nice place in town to dine at etc.....I haven't seen any.....yet.
The staff so far are nice. I haven't really dealt with them much except hand over the steep house fee and the DJs tip and when I told the "house mom" about the hood rat and her behavior.
But now I am going to see if I can find a park or something so I can get some sun and fresh air before I am returning to the Sheraton (trailer) here in town to shower and get ready for another night at the broken bottle palace.

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  1. Annette on :

    Eek......I think you are to good for that place! But you mad me crack up at your discriptions.....Did you fly thru Minneapolis? I love your new look on your Blog ;-)
  2. TATIANA Post author on :

    I did fly through your city. I have a club in mind there that I would like to try, so maybe.....
    I'm glad you like the new look!
  3. Paul on :

    Alf and Oksana, very nice, could be characters in Borat.
    Trust things get better there for you.
  4. TATIANA Post author on :

    There are more than a few characters here that would fit great in Borat. Quite entertaining!
  5. Annette on :

    If you are ever here I would love to visit 🙂 I would
    help if I could but I don't know a lot about the clubs here other than where bands play. I have friends that play and I help with their gigs. I could always ask.
  6. TATIANA Post author on :

    If I work in Minneapolis I'm thinking Seville....maybe Ricks.
  7. Savannah on :

    Haha...Alf and Oksana lol. I know exactly who you're speaking of, and I know the other two "hood rats" lol. I dont have anything good to say of any of them either. I had heard of Holiday House a long time ago, and knew that they worked there, but given that I have worked with these girls and have seen first hand what they do with customers, I never wanted to work anywhere with them at the same time. I cant make money competing with all of that if you know what I mean. Id rather be broke than to degrade myself in the way others choose to do so. If thats the type of establishment that allows those types of girls to work and turns a blind eye to it all, then I would not want to work there. I will blow my goody two shoes horn here and say that all of that is beneath me. Let me stop at that. I'll share more thoughts in person soon ;-) Coffee date and stripper talk ;-)
  8. TATIANA Post author on :

    Well, I did not know that they were working there until I arrived. I have nothing against Oksana, she is very nice and I haven't really seen her do a dance before. But there was plenty of talk regarding Alf's "entertainment" between the girls.
    Before going to Holiday House I had several phone conversations with the owner and he assured me that there was no funny business going on.....but then you know once I arrived there it was a different story. I can say that most of the clubs I have worked at lately I had to "compete with" or I should say, be unwillingly exposed to with all kinds of stuff that I would never do, that is just the sad reality of things. I had some good nights at Holiday House doing my thing and it was also very slow during the week due to an unusually low bird count last year. You know, even the club here in AK where we met turns the blind eye to A LOT.
    Looking forward to the coffee date!

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