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This is one of my fave pics of me from this last year....not only do I absolutely love this pic, I was at Burning Man when I took it.....having the time of my life. Photographer Michael Helms.
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  1. Savannah on :

    Absolutely beautiful. You are flawless, but that looks like a genuinely happy smile and that makes this beautiful to me.
  2. TATIANA Post author on :

    At Burning Man I was basically walking around with a smile plastered on my face. Best time ever!
    You should go (if you haven't yet).
  3. Knox Bronson on :

    Phenomenal. What a smile! By far the best Burning Man picture ever. I am not kidding.
  4. TATIANA Post author on :

    Well.....thank you!
    I give the credits to Michael, the photographer. Very talented.
    Check out all my Burning Man entries in my blog if you want.....I have to cover the most recent one. Just got back from it yesterday.

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