Welcome to Chaos !!


I descended on Stockholm last week. Not a flashy arrival like Abba in a helicopter at the cover of their album Arrival (1976), more of tired and stuff because of delayed plane departure but still happy nobody sat next to me so I got two small seats all to my self.

It has been intense. Last night I got to relax a bit and today was the first time I made it into the city to meet my friend Carmen for fika. We went to Gunnarsons, it has been a Stockholm staple since 1946. I had a latte and apple pie with vaniljsås of course. So yummy and so cozy.

I have been trying to care for and help my Mom. Lots of tears. Angst. Guilt. Reflections and thoughts about life. Like I mentioned, a very intense time. I am tired in my brain. So much to think about. I have to write stuff down so I can focus and rememeber all the tasks.

I have the most amazing and wonderful friends here. Truly. I am so grateful for them and blessed to have them.
My friend Monika gave me this......a prinsesstårta made out of glass and a coffee mug that has FIKA written on it. Some of my favorite things.....

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