Winter Storm & Flying

Welcome to Chaos !!

Winter Storm & Flying

Well a winter storm came down on Portland and other places as well in the US. The street I live on has had no power for over 50 hours. That means no light, no hot water, no heat, no internet and my phone does not work in the apartment either due to a broken cell phone tower. The winds were so strong that several trees fell on the power lines and for a while a large part of Portland had no power. Lucky me my place is still out of power. Cause I need to live in an icebox for some fun.
I can see my breath inside. I slept inside in outdoors clothing underneath several blankets. I dug out my camping stove and some propane tanks so I could make tea, soup and other food. I had battery operated candles, regular candles and flashlights.
I do not like being cold. And I have lived in Sweden and Alaska and never been without electricity for this long. Like WTF? And Portland General Electric (the company I pay for electricity) raised their rates 18% this month (if I am not mistaken). Thanks! Here I am reading a book in bed while I am pretending I am camping at South Base Camp in Nepal.

After like 5 hours of this adventure it is not so fun anymore. If I wanted to go camping in January I would had rented a cabin in the woods somewhere.

Having said all of that.....I am currently at the airport in Portland. Flying to Sweden. My Mom is not well and I am going to help her. So I am stressed out. Plus I am dealing with a tumultuous situation at home (in Portland), so yes......stress level is almost off the chart . I need more than a day at the spa, I now need a facelift. Please donate to the Tati facelift fund.

Of course the flight was delayed so that means I won't be able to catch my scheduled connecting flight in Amsterdam to Arlanda now I have eight fun hours to spend at Schiphol Amsterdam. Who wants to meet me there for lunch? About to board soon......write when I am in Europe.


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