Ole Bolle Troll And Halloween

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Ole Bolle Troll And Halloween

Today I went to look at Ole Bolle Troll at Nordia House, a beautiful place in SW Portland. The troll has been there for a couple of months now and there are five more trolls to be found around here in the Pacific Northwest. All made from recycled material by Danish artist Thomas Dambo. Very impressive.....Ole Bolle looks great. I have read many troll tales in my days.

"There’s something in the air that something makes my belly rumble
Something smells so strong it hits me almost makes me stumble
Could it be the little people cooking something smelly
In their cooking jar, so I can put them in my belly"

From thomasdambo.com 

Today as we know.....is Halloween. It is a bit past 10 pm and I am in bed. Doing nothing tonight. Besides eating and laying in bed. Which makes for a close to perfect evening if you ask me. Add a two hour massage and it would be a perfect evening.

But Happy Halloween! I love Halloween. Anything spooky, haunted houses, fairy tales, ghost stories.....that is what I like.

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