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Home To Sweden

In the early morning a few days ago I boarded an airplane in Portland.

And I got off in Stockholm the following day. I have not been home to Sweden since 2019.

I am staying with my Mom and she made me my favorite soup, barszsc. Very delicious.

I am going to eat a lot, my Mom is always telling me to eat more like I am starving or something. Like most Moms do. I will definitely eat lots of local berries and meet my friends for many long FIKA sessions. My social calendar is busy when I am here.

My fave cake.....Prinsesstårta.

And I love blåbãrssoppa (blueberry soup) so that will be a part of my daily diet.

I woke up to another beautiful day here in Stockholm. I am going to walk to the store to get some filmjölk for breakfast and start my day.

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  1. Rex on :

    These cultural culinary delights look amazing for the soul.☮🇸🇪☯

  2. TATIANA Post author on :

    They are very much that.

  3. Rex on :


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