Blue Monday

Welcome to Chaos !!

Blue Monday

Yesterday was Blue Monday.....according to some the most depressing day of the year. Oh really? Well not if you are around me!
I decided to bring Polish sausage to the club. Time for sausage parrrrrrty night!
Real Polish sausage, Kabanos. Not the kind you get wrapped in some soggy plastic at the large chain grocery store. If I ever get some I go to two different places, Friendly Food where a good looking Russian (?) guy is working or Tanya's European Deli where a group of stern non smiling Russian (?) ladies tend to the store. I am going to have to go to Friendly Food more often to flirt a bit with that good looking guy. Maybe.
Since I don't eat meat I did not have a single bite of the Kabanos but the only time I am tempted to eat meat is when I am around this sausage that I grew up eating. Great dog treat too btw, cut the sausage up in small pieces and use as a high value treat. I got 20 sausages.

Kabanos was a big hit (of course). I promised one of the girls to bring some more just for her next week. And instructed everybody else where they can buy it.
And that is a Polish rolling pin. To beat men with of course. I do not bake, rolling pins are for decoration (if they are pretty like this one) or to use to smack some sense into somebody.

All gone.

I found these at Tanya's. It is a candy I used to eat as a kid. Krówka,

Blue Monday wasn't depressing at all. And it is Tuesday today. My plan is to get some chocolate, make a pot of tea and continue to watch Emily in Paris. Bonne nuit!

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