Saturday & Sunday

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Saturday & Sunday

Well HELLO......let me tell you about my Saturday and Sunday (so far)......
It is rainy season here in Oregon. Woke up to rain yesterday Saturday.
Had my latte in bed. Feeling kind of lazy and sluggish in general....probably because of the rain.

Later on it was time to go to work. Urgh.....I started working again this week.
Not super excited over that. But it is what it is. Once I am there I am OK but getting ready and getting there takes some mental effort. I much rather stay at home than work. Here I am at work. Work was bad. But I looked good as always. ;-)

Had my latte at Stumptown today Sunday. I have actually started to make coffee at home more and more. Decided that I will always get my latte from Stumptown the Sundays I volunteer......which so happened to be today.

Then I had Pet Pack. Picked up a generous load of donations. Sweaters, a rain jacket, a litter box, some toys and cat and dog food.

In the afternoon I went for a long walk. It rained in the beginning and then it stopped. I love strolling around like this watching stuff.

And now I am eating peppermint bark ice cream and binge watching Emily in Paris. J'adore! I love seeing the footage from Paris.....Perhaps I need to visit France again sometimes soon. I only spent one evening in Paris, all I did was walk around mainly along the Seine. The following day I took the train down south and spent a couple of weeks outside Grenoble. I was amazing.
My plan tonight is to lay in bed and continue to watch Netflix and read online stuff for several more hours.
A perfect Sunday evening in my opinion

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