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Stigma (noun) - a strong feeling of disapproval that most people in a society have about something, especially when this is unfair.

Once a dancer/exotic dancer/stripper (whatever the word used to describe this) you will ALWAYS be that. It doesn't matter what you did before stepping your high heeled foot onto that stage with that pole or what you decide to do after the dancing days are over or if you are doing something parallel to it.
When the public finds out about your STRIPPING, past or present (OMG ALL the judgmental better than a stripper pearl-clutchers unite) you will always be referred to as a stripper. Kind of funny no? I can't think of many other jobs that carry that stigma. Prostitute is one. Jesus is another, to me being Jesus must had been like a full time job. I am sure that there are some other occupations that do carry a stigma besides dancer now that I think about it, depending on who you ask. I can think of several occupations I would refuse to do simply because they go against who I am as a person.
Facts are that the people judging or talking behind your back might be some sorry ass terrible human beings. I have PLENTY of examples of that......One that comes to mind right now is an ex BFs sister that thought strippers were so trashy but decided herself to have a child with a complete moron that already had like 3 or 4 kids
(I hope he had a vasectomy since then), while living in a trailer, housed several neglected animals in that trailer and blurted out during a Thanksgiving dinner that she was going to get a boob job. ???? Like LOL? (I have no problem with the living in the trailer part but the rest is....yea). Excuse me but really now......examine your own sorry self before talking about me. And do something better with that money instead of throwing it away on a boob job, unless of course you are planning on putting those new boobies on display in the strip club and make some money for yourself and your child's future.
That was just ONE example. There are many more pertaining that backwoods clan that are thankfully in my past.
The reason I was thinking about this is because I noticed how the media refers to Lunden Roberts that happened to meet Hunter Biden in a strip club and got pregnant by him at some point. Most likely the biggest mistake she did was to hook up with Hunter in the first place. But she did. (I get it, I have made bad choices too when it comes to "men"). And now there is a child. And drama surrounding paternity, child support and all that not so fun stuff. And all Lunden Roberts is in the eyes of the public is a STRIPPER. I don't know much about her actually. Perhaps she has a degree in something or another job. I personally hope she makes MILLIONS of dollars with whatever she decides to do. Just because.
Do I tell everybody that I encounter that I happen to be a dancer? No. Absolutely not. It is not who I am, it is what I do. It does not define me.
I just happen to be a dancer AND other things as well. But first and foremost I am a human being. Actually I do not title myself as anything as in a profession. That is more of an American thing to focus on than a European thing, we do not focus on our jobs as much where I come from. Other attributes are valued higher, as they should. I mean look at the French.....they are currently furious that the government suggest that they raise the standard retirement age from 62 to 64. The French want to work to live.....they want to enjoy life for what it truly can and should be. Non?
Plus I do not want to deal with other people's stupid opinions aka stigmas.
Or somebody can get some skewed ideas about me that could turn into an unsafe situation. I do not need to or have to explain myself to anyone.
And based on my encounters with the normies (non dancers) so far in my life I can say with confidence that I am doing a whole lot better than a lot of them on many different levels. Mentally, physically, financially.....generally.
Let's see what else I can say that I do.....
I am a volunteer. Been volunteering on a regular basis since September 2019 now. Does that account for anything?
I also have another job. That job is making me an income. Some of my "other job" shirts that I dress in when needed.

I guess I am a model too. Been doing that since my late teens. Photos from one of the last shoots that I did got picked up by several publications.
I have been writing a blog (this one that you are reading) and taking pictures for the blog for well over a decade. So I guess I am a writer and photographer as well.

Some of my funniest memories were made and best friends met while dancing. I will always cherish the dancing. Us dancers usually stand united because we know that other judge us harshly and that most normies do not understand anyways.

Also.....stigma (noun) - the top of the central female part of a flower, where pollen is received. How fitting!

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