Until Next Time

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Until Next Time

Time flies at Black Rock City, one week goes by in an instant.
Before you know it, it is Friday and you get that lingering sadness inside knowing that the end is near and you don't want it to be.
Then it is Saturday and you head out for the man burn like sometime after 8 30 pm. You watch the amazing fireworks and the man burn down with thousands of others. I do not need any fireworks in the real world because I have the fireworks I will ever need on the playa. This year there were many spectacular drone shows as well since the man came down with the help of drones last year at Renegade Burn.

Then Sunday arrives and after Sunday comes Monday which is Labor Day and the day Burning Man officially ends. People start packing up anytime between late Saturday and Sunday. Some stay on the playa until Tuesday. You touch that fine dust, feel the dusty ground underneath your feet and gaze out across the playa when the sun sets on that last day and think......I hope to be here again next year. Well at least I do. Even though the dust storms and the heat were extra challenging this year I still want more of Burning Man. It is my place. It is such a magical place. The amount of effort and pure love that goes into building a city on a vast dry lake bed and then tearing everything down and leaving no trace - it is truly impressive.
I miss falling asleep to the soothing sound of music somewhere out there, hearing voices of people walking or biking by the camper while I drift off to sleep......waking up to the bass coming from an art car driving by.
Until next time!

A link to a short Burning Man video. By Vincent Rommelaere.

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