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I guess the Jeffrey Dahmer Story is one of the most viewed series on Netflix ever. WTF? I have ZERO interest in watching it, in fact I think it is rather not cool to watch it because I do not think that the sub human the series is based on was even close to deserving anything to remember him by. I think it is a tasteless move by Netflix to sensationalize him (I will not write his name again in this blog entry) and what he did.
There were many victims left behind, the victims have families.
These families have spoken out that they are against this Netflix series and I completely understand why. And I read that Netflix did not contact them prior to the series coming out and they have not been compensated at all. But the con artist Anna Sorkin got paid by Netflix? Unreal. Why she got any attention is also beyond my comprehension.
If Netflix wants they can follow my ass around with a camera crew for some time, guaranteed way more entertaining than some wanna be fake socialite.
Anyhow.....back to what made me write this entry. Definitely not a good move to bring up the past like this and make the victims that are still around and the families of the victims that did not make it to relive this nightmare. Does this make sense to anybody? Hello? Any people with empathy out there?
I do not understand why serial killers and mass shooters are given any attention whatsoever. That is what they want. Do not give them what they want. Their names should be erased and they should be referred to as a number, a number sitting incarcerated somewhere, preferably they should get executed and nobody should care about them ever again. They should be forgotten.
There were victims, innocent humans that were subjected to unthinkable terrors. For people to sit at home and watch that while snacking on popcorn is grotesque.
If you want to watch some true crime stuff watch Dateline or something, where the families get interviewed and the victims get remembered in the right kind of way.
Not to mention dressing up like that subhuman for Halloween. Disgusting. Do NOT be that person please.
By now I loathe a large percentage of people anyways. This bullshit just adds to the fact that people in general suck.

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