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Since I am getting emails from girls asking questions about the strip club on the boat in Kodiak AK, the Wild Alaskan, I decided to write a bit more about it. Who knows, maybe somebody will find it useful.
Back in July I personally met the owner Darren, by chance as he came into the club I work at looking for girls to come out onto his boat. According to what he told me, I was the only girl in the club that particular night that he was interested in dancing on the boat. We chatted for a while, I was still unsure about the whole deal.....he wanted me to come within a few days, so I decided to meet him the following day (a Tuesday) at Kaladi to get a better feeling about the whole deal. After some thought I decided to bring another girl with me to the meeting, to get her input. So we both met up with Darren the following day. He was nice and very enthusiastic, he brought along pictures of the boat and paperwork of licenses and permits. He also told us that his wife Kimberly would be tending the bar, plus another girl on the weekends. There had already been a few online articles written about the boat since they'd had a soft opening (three evenings) a few weeks earlier but after that they ran into some regulatory problems that were fixed at the time me and the other girl met with him.
We asked him many questions, like hours of operation (8-9 pm until 4 am), security (yes), lap dance price ($40 topless strictly no touching), nights open (every), tip out (to staff meaning security, bartender/s, guy driving the other boat to pick up the guests at the dock), amount of tip out (whatever we wanted, I recall he said about $10/person as a suggestion). He also said that us girls would sleep on the boat in our own rooms that would be heated throughout the night, we would have access to a vehicle to use during the day so we could move around on the island, there would be no leaving the boat after work to go and "party" with guys, no guys on board after business hours, we would have a shared bathroom with a shower with enough hot water to go around. He repeatedly mentioned that he wanted to run a classy club "Bush Company style". If you are not familiar with the Bush Company, it's a club in Anchorage and yes I worked there so I had an idea about what he was looking for when he said classy and "Bush Company style". I am all for that. So it all sounded good to me. After about an hour of talking I decided to take the chance and fly out to Kodiak the following day, a Wednesday. My ticket round trip in AK cost me about $780 and that is something you pay yourself, keep that in mind. Initially it was going to be me and two other girls that Darren met at another club in Anchorage called Fantasy on 5th. Two more were scheduled to arrive a few days later (also from Fantasy).
When we finally landed on Kodiak, Darren was waiting for us at the airport. I introduced myself to the other girls with a smile and a handshake. The first impression was not that good, they were standoffish and barely shook my hand and did not say a word, glaring at me. Two Russian girls that happened to be in AK from Miami. Anyhow......We arrived at the boat, it was raining very hard that night and we actually got ready within an hour and were open for business by Midnight or so. That night we all agreed on, together with Darren and Kimberly, that we would also offer nude lap dances for $60/song or two nude in a row for $100 or three topless in a row for $100. Strictly no touching from the guys. That first night ONE guy came on board. So we didn't make any money, I made like $17. So I felt a little bit like.....OMG, I hope things will IMPROVE or I will have to work 30 nights in a row to make some kind of money. And that is not what I had in mind, my plan was to stay a week or so.
Forward to the arrival of the two other girls, one more Russian and one American. I think all girls except one were nice looking/cute. And all of them liked their liquor, A LOT.
Alcohol habits like that take years of practice to develop. They got wasted like every night. And things started spiraling out of control quickly. The classy and "Bush Company style" was in my opinion not happening after the other two arrived. They were drinking, I was not, that created a bit of a "them against me" situation, plus they all knew each other from before. They thought I was a stuck up bitch according to Darren and I thought they were crazy and embarrassing drunks. They were being really pushy with the guys to buy them booze and also getting off from the stage nude, crawling all over the guys sitting at the stage. Not getting dressed when done with stage and hustling guys for dances naked. No. Of course I was the odd one out, sober and sticking to the "classy". Whatever.
Then I noticed Darren lying about stuff. One night he said that two separate groups of guys complained that they got ripped off by us. No. Nobody got ripped off to my knowledge. Therefore we had him put up a sign stating the prices for dances. So there would be no further confusion.

He also said something in the line of that us girls were making all the money and there was nothing left to the bar and the bartender/s. I had guys buy me several drinks (juice) basically every night and the other girls downed shot after shot too. The guys were definitely spending on drinks. The bartender/s cannot expect to make dancer money when they work in a strip club, the focus will be on the dancers (as it should). If you want the focus to be on you, go work in a regular bar. That's just how it is. Or go on stage, get naked and do lap dances and make dancer money.
We also had a problem with people whipping out their phones the first few nights, taking pics and filming us. Yes, I caught a guy filming me on stage and when I confronted him he lied about it. When we brought this PROBLEM up with Darren and security not much was done about it initially. I think that Darren didn't want to step on anybody's toes, keeping the guests happy. So they would rave about how fun they had on the boat, Kodiak is a small place and news spread fast. But taking pics or footage of the dancers is a HUGE no no in every other club I worked in, you will either get kicked out, your camera/cell phone taken from you, some or ALL the pics in your phone deleted (I've seen it all). After a few nights of this we finally had enough and told Darren that we were serious about the no pictures. He finally took us seriously and put up no photos signs. It only took a while......LOL. And that should had never been an issue to begin with.
Then there was a problem with the windows being uncovered, Darren wanted all windows in the club to be uncovered, free advertising perhaps? First of all, it was bright freakin' daylight in the club until about 11 pm (summer time in AK), then I am not really willing to "advertise" that style of entertainment to unsuspecting people passing by, think a family with children that might pass the boat with their boat looking in, getting an eyeful. This is America and some people are rather conservative regarding nudity and no dancer wants to go to Kodiak and get sued for indecent exposure by some person feeling offended. One night Darren tried to remove the curtain from the window directly behind the stage (the only window covered), I told him no way am I going on stage with that window uncovered. He put the curtain back on. The following day I found some information about the laws regarding that. From my understanding businesses with an adult theme need to have the windows covered or blacked out so nobody from the outside can look in at the dancers but Darren only looked at me like I was annoying. This is the window in question (with the black curtain).

Darren also told us that WE were responsible for knowing about the laws regarding dancing in a strip club on Kodiak. US girls. First of all, it wasn't clear to me what the rules were.
Besides the no touching during a lap dance (from the guys). And the no drugs policy. He said the law was different on the boat since it's on water. I think it is HIS responsibility as the owner to know the law and then inform the dancers about it.
I also brought up that the "Bush Company style" that he was aiming for seemed to be a memory. If anything, if he was concerned about any possible legal problems, I advised him to address some issues. To his credit he did lay down the law that evening and said that he wanted things to change. Back to the original idea. And things did change for the better. Good.
I noticed Darren getting very frustrated several times, annoyed with us girls, annoyed with the guys coming on board. He definitely needs to work on his people skills. I could see him brewing a couple of times and I told him that working with a constant rotation of girls takes some patience, sometimes a lot of patience. He also talked bad about the other girls but would happily get drunk with them at night. I'm sure he talked bad about me to them as well. And the three that were there for the soft opening were "bitches, old and ugly". It's not nice to talk about people like that as an employer. Talk about the girls with your wife, not to the other girls. There are many kinks to be worked out with any new business and I'm sure it is very frustrating, I felt bad for him a few times. He had a lot on his plate. I'm sure I would had been annoyed too with stuff if I was in his shoes but you have to keep it professional.
I do have to say that the guys coming on the boat were all super nice and very appreciative of us girls. Nobody made me upset or tried to get away with any funny business, as in touching or not paying for dances. Yes, the money situation improved a lot after that first rainy night. When I was on the boat there was a cap on how many people could be on board at the same time, that included the staff (yes, us dancers too). I can't exactly recall the number of customers now but I think it was 12 total. But don't quote me on that. And to get on the boat they had to pay $20 and to stay on the boat they had to pay $20 per hour or leave and let others come on board. A smaller boat would go out on the hour to pick up more guys (if we had room). We did close early a few nights.
OK.....there were also some slight issues with getting a ride to shore and getting picked up. I clearly stated before my arrival there that I needed to get off the boat once a day to be able to eat and do stuff before work. When you have 5-6 girls with different schedules and wants that need rides to shore and back there will be issues. Of course. But I did go back and forth to shore every day, Darren took us.
When I left I wished I could had stayed a bit longer, overall I enjoyed my time on the boat. Both Darren and Kimberly expressed to me that they wanted me back.
Shortly after I left a girl arrived on the boat that had found out about it by reading my blog (or from another girl reading it). She initially LOVED the place and said guys were giving out $100's like candy and that she wanted to stay for as long as possible. Well, about ten days or so into her stay she (according to her) got pushed by Darren and had to call the police so she could leave the boat. Then a personal friend of mine went out there and had a similar experience, basically she got told (yelled at) to get the fuck off the boat at 4 am because of a tip out dispute. Darren wanted more money from her. The airport does not open until 6am so she sat in a hotel lobby waiting and then took a taxi to the airport. She had no ticket booked that day, obviously due to the unexpected turn of events and had to wait a long time to get a flight out of Kodiak and then wait even longer in Anchorage to get a flight home and it cost a pretty penny too. You can read about what they had to say about their ordeals here
I felt bad for my friend. Darren also lied/made some facts up about something pertaining her, a stupid lie, completely unnecessary.
Since I was on the boat things have changed, there is now a house fee and the club is not open on Mondays and Tuesdays (I heard, don't take my word for it). Personally, when I travel for work I want to work every night to make the most out of the situation. I am not interested in sitting around doing nothing for two nights when I could be working, especially on Kodiak island. New York City sure, I can occupy myself with a plethora of things there but not in a small place. It has also been brought to my attention that Darren has had several complaints filed against him from his prior businesses. These complaints are from "regular' folks, not high strung, spoiled drama queen dancers (as we are often perceived as). The complaints are rather serious (here is an example, "displayed aggressive behavior and language, including profanity, and what some employees perceived as “slander” or threats”.) I do not know of any validity to these complaints since I was not present during the situations, it's online in case you feel you should learn more about this. I definitely did notice that Darren needed to simmer down a few times and I told him that myself. I never had a problem with his wife Kimberly, I thought she was pleasant.
Girls are e mailing me asking if they can make $2000/night at the Wild Alaskan. I don't know. It's the same as with my Williston blogs, I got so many e mails from girls from all over.
Look, maybe you can make $2000/night. I didn't, not even close to it. But that's me and you are you. I definitely think the concept is GREAT, it is unique and they only have one strip club on Kodiak island and people DO have money to spend there and like I said, the guys were very nice. I don't know if they are allowed to bring more guys on board now and I do not know how many girls they employ now either. Since I left I have not been in touch with Darren. I am assuming I am not welcome back there due to the blog (he made some comments about it) and he can probably pick and choose from Playboy Playmates and top models now, so why would he want a crusty, flabby and stuck up bitch like me back? Ha ha. ;-)

It can also have something to do with that two girls that indirectly and directly worked there because of me had some very negative experiences on that boat, so in a way that makes me somewhat "responsible" for them going out there. Oh well.
I thought the boat was clean, nice, safe (I felt safe), I had fun most of the time. I thought sleeping on the boat in my little room was cozy. Here is the dressing room.

If you have a good group of girls there at the same time I'm sure it can be lots of fun, the wrong girls and you might be miserable. In the end, I though that the two initial Russian girls were OK, we warmed up a bit to each other (one had gorgeous eyes, I told her that I thought so a few times). The other two - no. We didn't really click. One was a great dancer on stage and on the pole but a hot mess and the other one just a mess in many ways I thought. I also HEARD that all four girls started living off the boat non working hours because they were fed up with Darren.
In the end it's up to you to decide whether to go to Kodiak and dance or not. I personally like adventures. If Darren works on his approach to people and situations and figures out how to run things more professionally I'm sure it can be a great experience. Everybody will have their OWN experience, just like with everything in life. By now, things SHOULD run smoothly there, wouldn't you think? If not, it's a lawsuit waiting to happen.
Oh, one more thing. A girl told me she heard that the place is a brothel on water.
Absolutely NOT true. First of all, I would NEVER work in a brothel and guys were not allowed to touch during dances. I've seen way more questionable stuff go on in other clubs during dances. Ladies, if you go.....good luck and have lots of fun! And make sure to visit Monk's Rock for the borscht!

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