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So......I did say that dancers talk to each other, good AND bad stuff about the clubs we work at. There are plenty of places where we can share and view information besides the dressing room. Here is what two girls that went out to the Wild Alaskan in Kodiak have to say about it. They arrived and worked there after I had already left. I consider one of the girls my friend and the other girl an acquaintance, I have worked with both in the past. I did not have anything close to the experiences they had, although I have some stuff to add myself.
But that will be another blog/s. I have quoted them as they told it (at an online forum for dancers only) except I am using the initials D and K for the owners of the Wild Alaskan instead of writing out the full names.

"My experience on the Wild Alaskan Kodiak was a nightmare. We didn't have power on the boat all the time, made it pretty cold at night when you were trying to sleep in the little cubbies. We only had hot water for maybe two hours in the afternoon. We also did not have the freedom to get on and off the boat. The majority of the windows go uncovered, so when we are open during the day and night not only would everyone be able to see inside the boat, but you would dance in daylight...NUDE...until it got dark. D and K are on drugs. You can see it in their eyes, the way they clench their jaws, and obviously their erratic behavior. D will find little reasons to yell at you about weird and random things, or just make something up. He is a liar. Both would act like assholes then apologize later and act as if everything was completely normal. He also gets off on watching the girls on stage. The Russian girls they had working when I was there, without going into detail, were also a complete nightmare to work with. I think anyone who endures that boat for that long probably has a few screws loose also. Living with other dancers 24 hours a day in close quarters...not ideal. When I left, I was prepared to fight my way out. I was told to get the fuck off the boat, but I couldn't leave until I gave them more money. I could tell D wanted to get physical but held back. I also wouldn't have put it past anyone else to physically harm me. Oh, and let me tell you one of the first things he said to me when I arrived, before I knew he was nuts. "We have a lot of guns on this boat, and we know how to use them. You'll be safe here, everyone in town knows I mean business and won't even think to mess with the boat" Very comforting that this psychopath has access to a lot of guns. I had other plans to explore Alaska when I was there, but that experience messed with my head so much I traveled 36 hours and spent all the money I made to go straight back home. I've walked down the streets of New Orleans at 5am and have been less scared than I was there."

"Hello ladies I wanted to give you an update on the Wild Alaskan. After being on the boat for 2 weeks horrible things are happening. Today I had to call 911 to come and get me off the boat. The owner D has a horrible temper and he put his hands on me and pushed me to the ground. When I told him I was going to call the cops he took my phone and computer away from me and hide them. Bob D's friend got D to calm down then D left to go into town that's when I found my phone and computer that he took from me and I called the cops. The police came in their boat and helped me get my luggage on their boat that is when D returned and tried to take my luggage from the police. When I got to the police station a federal detective interviewed me along with city cops. The city is pressing charges on D for domestic abuse and he is under federal investigation. Ladies it is not safe there after all.

"Hello beautiful ladies, I'm in the process of creating a niche website for the dancer community. The aim of the website is to inform exotic dancers through out the country of dangerous and abusive strip club ownership/management. As traveling dancers are on the rise, we need more information and resources we can refer to, to help us analyze a new club and make an informed decision before we book a flight or drive to our next location.
After having a dangerously terrifying experience with a strip club owner in Kodiak Alaska, I'm taking the responsibility upon myself to create this much needed website. How will the information be gathered? By the dancer community reaching out and sharing anonymous 1st hand, personal, truthful stories of abuse, danger, and unprofessionalism in ownership/management of certain strip clubs across the country."

Stay tuned for more.......

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  1. Mandy on :

    Stay tuned for more...because you know this won't be the last we hear from D and K.
  2. TATIANA Post author on :

    I'm waiting for more stories and details to unfold.....
  3. Alisha on :

    That's what I wanted to tell you personally... But everyone knows everything about Kodiak now... So.. Jasmin was fired becous she didn't follow the rules... You know it's no touching and no boobies to the face.. But she didn't care at all... She just said that's the way she makes money... We have the same rules for all the girls...
  4. Alisha on :

    And I forgot... We have house fee now.. 60$...
  5. TATIANA Post author on :

    Privyet Alisha!
    House fee now? $60? Wow. Does that cover all the tip outs, cause somebody told me they wanted $60-80/night in tip outs after I had left. That place is changing and making up rules as it goes it seems.
    Plus airfare to get out there.....
    I heard that you and the other girls decided to live off the boat.....really?
  6. Annette on :

    Tatiana that is awful.....I cannot imagine working under those conditions. I am thankful you were safe. It's good as a dancer you are a free agent that can leave a job and go else where but that one girl spent all her money to get sad! I think you and Mandy should just open your own club 🙂
  7. TATIANA Post author on :

    I don't know about having a standards are too high for the kind of club and the kind of girls I would like to have.
    Mandy wants to open a coffee shop with me that also has vegetarian dishes on the menu, we can sell delicious hot buns.
  8. Annette on :

    Hot buns ;-).....
  9. Mandy on :

    Yeah....Jasmine followed the rules that were told to her by Darren. Nice try though Alisha. You were one of my (Jasmine) many problems at that place, and you can keep trying to find excuses for the massive things that were wrong and make me look bad...but guess what! The truth comes out and people talk. I could sit here and detail every thing about my "boob in the face" drama...but I do not have to defend myself to the likes of you or anyone else. Especially when it involves people that have a history of mental problems!
    YOU do not know what I said...because I DID NOT say a thing to you. Instead of concentrating on yourself, you concentrated on me. In your mind you created things to excuse your less than friendly behavior towards a person that you are jealous of. The only thing I did wrong was step on a plane to go to Alaska. While you sit bitter on the boat from Hell...I continue to be me and better myself everyday. Mark my words...the people who do negative things to others always get it back ten fold. Maybe you can take the experience, do some good self enlightenment and learn from it. Your first step is to move on from what is Jasmine, okay?
  10. Anass rhammar on :

    Im sure alaskian strippers are real hot as long as fat slobs or meth whores is your thing.
  11. Anass rhammar on :

    How are you a stripper? You look like a bag of smashed assholes.
  12. Jack Mann on :

    I did business with Darren Byler in the early 2000s, and I find it really hard to believe then him and his wife have regressed to the degree people State on this forum. Wild, staring Eyes Of The Afflicted and addicted hardly seem to be the modus operandi of Darren or his wife.
  13. Leo on :

    Hi there. Thanks for sharing these stories. I also have a friend who had a terrible experience working on the boat and I'm a researcher and paralegal from Alaska working on a story about D. If you see this and have time I'd like to touch base to see if you'd be interested in participating. Best regards and be well.

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