Playa Barbie & God

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Playa Barbie & God

When I found this Playa Barbie box at Burning Man I got ECSTATIC! I went twice to get my pictures taken in it. As a TRUE feminist (hi to all my strong and smart women out there that can actually think outside of the box.....think outside the Barbie box) I love pink and I'm not ashamed of it and I also love Barbie. I am funny Barbie, angry Barbie, happy Barbie, outspoken Barbie - you can be whatever Barbie you want! There were men taking pictures in that box - SHOCKING I KNOW!!! Daaaaamn, I look good...... ;-)

And I had to have a picture inside the Conversations With God phone booth, one of my favorites from last year. This time God was on a break, I guess even God needs a break once in a while. Last year I thanked God profusely for everything, because let me tell you......most of the time I absolutely LOVE my life and I am extremely grateful for every moment (except the hard and shitty times of course).

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  1. Lars on :

    How is the prettiest gal in Alaska (or anywhere else in the world) doing? You are truly what I would draw if I was an artist and could describe the perfect woman in artwork. You also have a great caring but strong soul. It pours out through your smile and the mischievous look in your eyes.
  2. TATIANA Post author on :

    Thank You kindly for the wonderful compliments and observations, I appreciate what you said about my soul - one of my highest wishes in life is to be a good person and achieve positive things.
  3. mandy on :

    The barbie box, what an amazing idea!!! So cool
  4. TATIANA Post author on :

    Next year you and me will be in that Barbie box so start planning for this!!!!
  5. mandy on :

    You betcha! I was just thinking today how fun it's going to be, and I bet Jared Leto will be there.
  6. TATIANA Post author on :

    Yes, he will be our camp.
    Jared is a real life man Barbie.

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