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I have woken up early, way too early for me, two days in a row now because a person that is present in my life is causing me problems and because of that I have a bad feeling in my stomach, so I feel sad and stressed out and that affects my sleep. I can't wait until this person is gone from my life, some people are toxic and bad. This person is just that. I don't know how some people can live with themselves deliberately causing problems for others. I could not live my life like that. So I am stressed out right now and have a hard time relaxing and feeling happy. šŸ˜„

It's Tuesday and I am counting down the days until I can leave this place and go home. I miss home and I miss Chhaya. I am THIS close to start bawling at McDonald's where I am sitting writing this right now because I am homesick, tired and SAD.
Typical my luck, this year is like the worst ever for the amount of pheasants that are out and about in the fields here. The numbers are very low. Of course the owner of the club failed to mention this important detail to me when I made the arrangements with him to come here. So the girls that are driving in from closer by towns like Sioux Falls and Denver to work here, can just go back to where they came from if it's bad here. It's a bit more complicated if you travel from far to get here, like I did. The last two nights have been very slow at work.
Even the guys at the club say that they have NEVER seen it this dead. Like I said, TYPICAL.
Last year when I worked in a town about 30 miles from here, Dallas, I also listened to the owner that promised me some stuff that never happened. So making money the last two nights has been like pulling teeth. And the owner asked the house mom to ask me if I could stay longer because next week some really rich guys are supposedly coming in and they would love for me to stay. No thank you. I don't care. And just because they are rich doesn't mean that they will spend any money, Plus I don't do certain things here that most of the other girls do and put up with. Besides the usual compliments the other thing I hear here is, WHY ARE YOU HERE? You don't fit in. You are too classy/nice for this place. I have already lost count of how many times I have heard this. So five more nights left. YEAY!

To describe a bit better so you understand how some girls are acting here. One of my trailer mates aka the hood rat is on her phone all day long, loudly trowing around the N word, she says "NIGGA" and I'm just quoting her. She can't wait to get back home and fuck her nigga. Yup, that is what she says. And to top it off, my new trailer mate that arrived the other night, was born in Sudan. She is offended by this girls use of the N word in her presence, she told me that she doesn't speak like that at all. I call her African Princess because she is very pretty. I have been taking her around because she doesn't have a car. And last night when we left work she told me that at the club she works at in Sioux Falls she sometimes gets called the
N word by the guys. One guy said that he was going to tell management to turn up the lights because she is so dark that he couldn't see her. She is dark, she looks Sudanese and I think she is beautiful. Anyways, she said that if this hood rat at the trailer keeps on using that word she is going to tell her to shut up or else. By the way the hood rat is white. She definitely should stay in the trailer because she belongs there. Last night she was walking around the club in socks and sandals. Classy! Very white trash trailer fashion.

I have also negotiated down the price for my trailer experience from $ 40 to $ 30. So next time you have some form of a business transaction to make, contact me first so I can negotiate for you!

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  1. Annette on :

    I feel sad for you Tatiana.....Soon you can go home to Chhaya:) Jax had acupuncture yesterday and will two more times. It was funny she put in two needles in places to make him relax..... He started yawning was funny. I asked around about those two clubs and they are known to be nicer than the other's that are downtown. When the Twins play they are suppose to be busier. I think you can take the Railway from the airport and Mall of America right to that area.
  2. TATIANA Post author on :

    How cool that dogs respond to acupunture! I would like to try it myself but I'm a little scared....
    I hope that Jax is improving!
  3. Annette on :

    I have had it and I was scared but it was so amazing.....I fell asleep for about twenty minutes. It's relaxing like a massage šŸ™‚. I felt so good I asked if she could do my whole body......but I guess you can't. It doesn't work like that. Recently I had my hands done because I use them alot at work and I was getting muscle cramps in them. At least your trip to Hell Hole South Dakota makes for good writing!
  4. TATIANA Post author on :

    Yes! At least I have some fresh material for my readers instead of the same old vanilla latte stuff I otherwise write about....!

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