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Porcelain Doll

I woke up early today because the club closed at midnight last night, some South Dakota law. So I want to start this entry off by talking about the assholes that feed on group mentality. Meaning, feeling like a tough bad boy in a group setting but transforms into a shivering wimp when alone.
Me on the other hand, super confident alone and in a group. How do you like THAT?
So yes, I have noticed that many assholes operate in a group setting so they can feel support from each other. Some immature guys sat around my stage Saturday night, one of them stuffed $6 in his belt thinking that I would just happily dive in between his legs head first
(aka crotch dive) and fish those bills up with my mouth. No not me, I ignored him completely, pretending that I didn't see the money until his friends had to point out to me that there were actually six whole dollars in the guys crotch, wow a small fortune! A collective guffaw broke out amongst them.....HAR HAR HAR! Well, same here like the other club I worked at in South Dakota (Frank Day's in Dallas), girls will get off the stage to straddle the guys, some do upside down flips on them and put their asses in the guys faces, they lean forward to do the boob shake or rub their boobs in the guys faces, take money with their mouth....etc. I don't do that. What is the incentive of getting a lap dance if you can fork up a few bucks and some girl is going to crawl up in your lap off the stage? I don't see the point in that. Bad for business ladies, smarten up! And taking money with your mouth, I have already written about that......basically, NO I'm not doing that. So you can sit there with the dollars in your belt or mouth and look stupid.
Then there are the butt grabbers, sticking out a hand and copping a feel when I walk by or when I stand around alone or talk to somebody else. Then they pretend they didn't do it. I just smack them, either with my towel, a swift smack with it across their body or I punch them in the arm. What, you don't like that? Well, guess what I don't like what you just did either.
Keep your grabby hands to yourself. It's not funny and yes, I know that there are girls in the club that pretend they think it's fun. But its not. I already informed the house mom that I won't tolerate such grabbing and that I will smack guys (not in the face, I would only do that if somebody actually tried to hurt me) if they step out of line and she totally agreed that I should. One guy wondered why I swatted his poor buddy with a towel and I said because he grabbed me and I'm going to stand up for myself. He said that he gets that at home from his wife, why would he want that here? Excuse me???? How lame and pathetic. Sometimes I wonder if some of them would even act the way they do if the wife or girlfriend was present. That "boys will be boys" mentality does not fly with me. It is sexist, outdated and totally lame. If you have that mentality you deserve to end up with some shrewd money hungry bitch that will take you for a ride and leave you an x amount of years later with her keeping the house, more than half of your money, savings and an alimony payment coming out of your pocket just for putting up with your shit for all those years. Grow up and be a real man. And learn some manners and respect. Like a REAL man.
Having said that....most of the men and boys I've met here so far have behaved fairly well.
I only smacked four so far.

Besides that I got a new trailer mate last night. She was born in Sudan and seems nice. I don't know why girls would come this far out in the middle of nowhere without having a vehicle.....This new trailer mate and the hood rat (my other trailer mate) both don't have cars. The other hood rat is in the hospital......I guess she has diabetes (I don't know if that is the real reason for her being in the hospital but whatever). I need a car so I can get around during the day and get back and forth to work. I would be miserable if I had to stay cooped up in some motel or trailer relying on rides or taxis.

So this morning I found a bakery. Got a pastry but no coffee, they only had a cappuccino machine. The older man working there apprehended me outside and told me that he thought I was pretty as a picture and look like a porcelain doll. Never heard the porcelain doll before.

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