New Look

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New Look

So I finally got a new start page as you might have noticed. YEAY!!!! :-D
The old one is no longer relevant, it was absolutely time for it to retire. Julia, the other girl in the case you are not in the know of the story, she and I started this blog together back in 2006. We wrote a few entries together and she penned entries by herself but then she decided she no longer wanted to write (here at least) but I thought it was so much fun so I continued. GOOD huh? You can read all those older entries if you browse thorough the archives, it will specifically say who wrote what entry at the bottom. I think that Julia's last entry was in 2007 if I am not mistaken.
So old look is gone.......

And the new look is here. I did not make the start page. It was all done by KISA, my very kind friend in Germany that has been helping me with all the blog's issues for a few years now.
I have never even met him in reality and he refuses any form of payment, even a Christmas present. Without KISA and his expertize I would had been lost when it comes to updating stuff, fixing bugs and getting a new start page. So THANK YOU KISA, you are wonderful! ❤

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  1. Mr B on :

    I like, I like, I like a lot. Good job!
  2. TATIANA Post author on :


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