YES on Proposition 12

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YES on Proposition 12

Do you eat eggs? I do. I am a vegetarian but once in a while I will have eggs and I feed eggs to the dogs as well. I do think about the hens that lay eggs. It is nice to buy eggs from local sources if possible because the eggs that we buy in grocery stores come from hens that live in horrible conditions even though they supposedly have a bit more room to live on than before. I believe that animals that are used for consumption should live their lives as cruelty free as possible, a life with dignity and we should be grateful that animals so selflessly give their lives to us. I would gladly pay a bit more for eggs that came from hens that live cage free. Wouldn't you?
Proposition 12 or the Prevention of Cruelty to Farm Animals Act is asking for hens to live cage free, to be able to live closer to the way they are supposed to live. It also is pushing for changes to the condition calves and pigs live in confinement.
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Even if you do not vote you can voice your opinion regarding improving living conditions for hens. Or start eating less animal products. Or buy eggs from a more humane source.
I used to eat meat but since I love animals more than meat I decided to stop. I do still eat animals to some extent, I consume milk products and eggs. I personally think that eating less meat is healthier for you and everyone can make an effort to eat less meat, if you really care for animals. Cutting out meat several times a week won't hurt you, in fact you will be doing yourself and the environment a favor. If you think that you need to eat meat every day to be healthy you are brainwashed by the food industry that wants you to purchase meat. Remember that the tobacco industry have been telling the public for decades that smoking cigarettes is not bad for your health at all.
Other thoughts that I have on how we treat animals.....I think that people that abuse animals should be charged with felony and have to register for life as animal abusers. Kind of like sex offenders. There is a definitive link between animals abuse and violent crimes against humans.
Trophy hunting should be illegal and is despicable. Killing an animal for thrill or bragging rights is sick. Posing with the animal/s that you killed is just as sick. I remember the wall of "fame" at a sporting goods store in Alaska where people put up bragging pictures of dead animals they posed with, I think that was so tasteless and ugly. I don't even kill spiders if I find them in my house.
I believe that animals have souls and have the same right to exist as us. In fact animals probably have more rights to exist than us seriously flawed and destructive humans.
Going to the zoo in 2018? What? A big NO. Do yourself and your kids a favor and explain to them the importance of respecting animals and treating them humanely. Zoos are not humane. Rehabilitation facilities for animals are but not zoos.
We are more informed now than we were 20 years ago, so make better choices.

Buying fur coats and other fur garments is inexcusable. If you have some old fur that grandma passed down to you, by all means wear it, don't destroy it but going out to purchase something new with fur.....just because? NO.
Finally the fashion industry is evolving, catching on and many designers are not using fur anymore. Fake fur works just as well. If you need something furry, grow out your body hair or buy a fake fur item.
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