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I got some face and body stuff. Let's go over the products from left to right.
Eyebrow shaping gel by Grande Cosmetics. I don't fill in my brows with a pen or had any microblading done. This gel works good.
Face wash by IT Cosmetics, I have been using this face wash for a while now. Works good too.
COSRX snail essence. I bought this a while back, seems like the formula changed. I recall it as being thicker, now it feels runny and smells like alcohol. Not sure if it is me imagining this or if the company changed the formula.
This happens a lot, that companies change a formula that worked great and usually it is not a change for the better.
Brazilian Bum Bum Cream - I like! Smells yummy.
Some glitter that I found at World Market.
Diorshow mascara by DIOR.  
And on my try next/want list is a face wash by Elemis. I want the original pro collagen cleansing balm.

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