Sumo Mandarins

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Sumo Mandarins

Ok.....I have a new food obsession. Sumo mandarin or sumo citrus or dekopon in Japan. Originating in Japan (of course, like everything that is amazing) the fruit even has it's own day - March 1 is Dekopon Day in Japan. I have seen these strange looking things that resemble oranges in the produce section but never tried one until a couple of weeks ago. During a Trader Joe's visit I got offered a slice as a sample. I immediately purchased a bag.
SO YUMMY! A pair of dekopon a day keeps the doctor away.

I went to Bend and back twice in the span of a week. Long drive. That was exhausting. My mechanic lives in Bend and I dropped my car off with him, my car needed some time at the shop. Just to add more excitement to my life, my car decided to not shift from park to drive yesterday. After work of course. Lucky me the real life Goonies were there to help me.
They had tools, headlamps and even the promise to steal a car if needed to come and rescue me should I get stranded somwhere. True gentlemen! 
So now I drive around with no center console and a stripped bare gear shifter until further notice. I had to get to the release button in order to shift gears (automatic). And in order to get to that button I had to have the whole center console removed. Car issues give me major anxiety.
Of course I stopped at Backporch Coffee in Bend for a latte.

I rarely get lottery tickets but not too long ago there was a billion dollars plus at stake here in Oregon. So I thought......with a billion dollars I can do a lot of good things for animals and others. I splurged on all these lottery tickets and one was given to me as well. I still haven't checked them for any winnings (lazy) but I know that the person that scored the billion plus bought the ticket in Portland. And I did not. So no billion dollars for me at this point. I just have to keep on shuffling around in the old rhinestone heels dreaming of a billion dollars......

I do get this for example. Awwwwwww.......!

Hi. Tired. Want pillow, soft blanket and no noise.

I have been going on some hikes in the Lewis and Clark National Historical Park. Everything is green and lush.
So nice. Huge ferns. It looks like scenes from Jurassic Park. I am expecting to see Bigfoot trampling through the forest any day. I am thinking about doing the Fort to Sea Trail, about 6.5 miles one way.

Large skunk cabbage. It DOES smell skunky if you happen to get a whiff of it.


These are cute, must must be a flower of some sort. I am not sure. They remind me of lemurs.

One of the many ships on the Columbia River.

Tonight's sunset behind the Astoria-Megler Bridge. A four mile (4.1 to be exact) bridge that goes in between Oregon and Washington.

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