Dancer Running For Portland Mayor

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Dancer Running For Portland Mayor

Breaking news! A dancer (stripper) is running for Portland mayor. I know what you are Tati running for mayor?
I guess another dancer beat me to it. A dancer I have actually mentioned in the blog......her name is Liv but her dancer name is Viva Las Vegas.
A couple of years ago (two years ago actually) I went to Hollywood Theatre to watch a documentary about Liv called Thank You For Supporting The Arts. You can read about it here.
So now Liv is running for mayor and I am intrigued. I think it is great - the REVOLUTION has arrived! Liv is thinking to put together a team of knowledgeable people to help her run the city. And yes.....Portland is a great city! Yes there are problems but problems have to be dealt with and problems can be resolved.
So it dawned on me.....Liv should put me on one of the teams. After all, I have been volunteering downtown Portland for years now. I am totally comfortable in random situations, I strongly believe in helping others, I advocate for animals, I pick other people's trash every day, I believe in transparency connected to leadership and money and I can talk to anybody (it's a dancer thing). So......there must be a spot for me somewhere on a team when, or if Liv becomes the mayor of Portland.
Let's make Portland more magical together! Read an interview with Liv in the Willamette Week here.

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