Far Out There

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Far Out There

It has been raining like crazy here (or like they say in the UK -  raining cats and dogs) and last night there was even thunder and lightning. I am spending some time at the Oregon coast. It is easy to feel a bit down when the weather is this heavy.
I have to force myself to go outside and do something. It is going to be raining for the next five or six months so it is what it is. 
I saw a pair of Bearpaw boots at Ross the other day. Ross is a great store here in the US, you can find all kinds of things there at a reduced price. There was only one pair left in my size, size 8. But I decided to wait a day......the thought was that if the boots were there the following day then I would get them. I did not think they would be since I saw them Saturday and that is a busy day for shopping, I went back yesterday and there they were, so I got them. Why not. $38. These are not for wet weather though. Fake fur of course. I am anti real fur. Absolutely no to real fur.

Then I had to admire the colors of the trees for a bit. I took a moment in between errands. Nature is so spectacular.

I saw this sign outside a bar. Funny. 

Today I drove out to the beach. There was a break in the rain and the sun peeked through.

I saw this......it was way more amazing in reality. This picture does not make it justice. I almost expected an angel or something to appear, it was that majestic. Crepuscular rays.

And far out there I spotted something that looked like a building of some sort on a rock. Indeed it is, Tillamook Rock Lighthouse aka Terrible Tilly. About one mile out in the ocean. 

Now I am going to spend the next few hours reading. Then sleep. Feeling a bit down and anxious, trying to not feel this way.

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