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A cluster of heat has descended upon Portland. I managed to sit outside in the shade until about 11 30 today and I am now hiding inside until the sun starts going down. It is like 104 degrees F outside (40 C) right now and it might get as hot as 107 later (42) and the heat is not going anywhere until later this week. I have a small free standing AC and two fans going.
My plans for the week......? Most likely take a class tomorrow morning. I am working this week, four shifts. So tomorrow during the heat I will be hibernating inside a darkish club with AC. I have laundry planned for Thursday. One of my friends is letting me use her washer and dryer so I do not have to go to the laundromat, a place I strongly dislike. I am very happy over that. Pet Pack on Sunday and that will be the week right there.
My plans for today.....? I really should do something productive so I will try to cross a few things off my to do list.
Get something to eat later. And even later, when it is cooler outside take the kids for a walk. That is one of the kids right there in the picture, her name is Senna.

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