Shinto Shrines

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Shinto Shrines

I have done some sightseeing since I have been in Tokyo. Went to a couple of Shinto shrines located in the city. The Meiji Jingu shrine surrounded by a forested area. There are many trees and plants here in the middle of the city. I love beautiful.

Yearly sake barrel offerings.

A haiku (so I was told).


You rinse off your hands before entering the main area. I think you should rinse/wash the left hand before the right and then rinse your mouth as well as in symbolizing the purification of body and mind upon entering but I did not do all of that. I did rinse my hands though.

A place where you can write down prayers and wishes for the Gods on little wooden plaques (ema in Japanese) and hang them up. Reminded me of the Temple at Burning Man, same concept.

A Shinto-style traditional wedding was happening.

I also visited the Tomioka Hachiman shrine. A gorgeous red gate (torii) seperates the holy ground and the secular world.

The handwashing area adorned with a couple of phoenix birds.

Guarding the entrance to he shrine, a couple of lion-dogs (komainu). Here is one of them.

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