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Strip Club Stuff

Talking about strip clubs is kind of fun and interesting, at least I suspect that people find it kind of interesting so let's check out some more strip club stuff......
Like little notes in the dressing room like this one. NO lotion ok! Basically do not apply lotion before going on stage. Like do not apply lotion during your shift at the club. Some clubs do not want you to put on lotion before your shift (at home getting ready for work) but I doubt most dancers pay much attention to that. The pole gets slithery from the lotion and if the lotion gets on the stage too then the stage gets slippery and that can mean a broken ankle.
The average height of a stripper heel is like seven inches. So you do not want a slippery stage.

Sometimes I get messages on bills. Perhaps others do as well where they work, do you get them too? Like this one, never met the guy before but he wanted me to text him. He was nice and polite but no I did not text him. Honestly.....I am too tired to engage with guys OTC (outside of the club), I really enjoy quiet alone time and time with friends I already know. If the strip club was like a dating app I would have more dates lined up than I would know what to do with. I would have to schedule the dates for months. It is nothing personal but I am simply not interested unless you are Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch (I have nicer hair than Jerry Hall after all) or Damiano David. Why Bill and Rupert? Well......I could help them distribute their wealth.
There are many animals in need and other areas in the world that need improvement. Plus I need some pampering as well, like a full day at a really good spa.

Ever wondered what a vending machine at the strip club might have to offer?

All kinds of fun stuff! Check it out.....from top to bottom. Dove deodorant, something called "lashblast" which is a kit containing mascara, eyeliner and a powder, then some CUTE outfits (one size fits most I assume), tampons, another mascara this one by Rimmel, then some stuff I am not sure what it might be.

Fake lashes and eyelash glue, more mascara, panties, pole grip (a great invention especially for the pole dancers) lighters, gum, babywipes and lastly snacks.

If you one day wake up and decide you want to try dancing but don't know where to start.....go in to the strip club and head to the vending machine. Pick an outfit, get some mascara, fake lashes and eyelash glue, a bottle of pole grip and some baby wipes and you are on your way to to earning hat first million. Something like that. Or if you are a guy and you suddenly remember that it is your significant other's birthday in the midst of having a lap dance with some hottie......fret not!
Calmly walk over to the vending machine.....get the lashblast, two outfits and bag of cheetos then go home and make your lady love happy.

Lastly pics of your fave

One more pic, why not?

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